Feb 282011

Penguin here.

This is Blue Bear’s doggy named Skunk. Isn’t she goofy and adorable? We hope to have more pictures of her in the future, but it’s hard to keep her still for a picture. Here I think the only reason we were able to snap a shot was because she thought the camera was food which is why she seems so curious while looking at it.

curious doggy

Is that food over there?

Feb 272011

Penguin here.

I haven’t posted a picture of hamsters in a while so here I’ll be posting a picture of 2! These two baby dwarf hamsters make quite an adorable pair. It looks like one little guy is particularly thirsty, and the other one is waiting there very patiently for his turn. I hope the thirsty guy will give his friend a turn soon.

adorable baby dwarf hamsters

You're hogging all the water!

Found here: The Cute Project

Feb 262011

Hi everyone,

In case you didn’t know, today’s my birthday! In order to help celebrate my special day, I felt it appropriate to post an image of another fellow penguin. I don’t think I need to emphasize the fact that this guy is an absolute cutie. Look at his sleepy innocent face, his tiny wings, his downy feathers, and his large feet! I’d love to invite him to my birthday party.

cute baby emperor penguin chick

What a fuzzy guy!

Found here: Bogoboo

Feb 222011

Penguin here.

Guess what? This a special post because my Mom is here and she’s helping me make one!

We decided to choose this picture of a baby elephant with its mother because the little guy looks so adorable and shy. Don’t you just want to give him a hug? We’ve always loved elephants because they’re so goofy looking. Speaking of elephants, did anyone else watch Babar growing up?

Baby Elephant Under Its Mom

What a little shy guy!

Feb 212011

Penguin here.

On the topic of tiny mammals, shrews are another special kind belonging to the rodent (UPDATE: We had originally assumed that these little guys were rodents, but it turns out they’re not! It turns out, they’re more closely related to moles. Thanks, Cynthia!) family. Look at the adorable schnoz and ears on this one! Also, did you notice how he looks like he’s under deep contemplation? If that’s the case, he must be the tiniest philosopher to have ever set foot on this planet.

tiny shrew on a rock

Found here: Bestiara Latina

Feb 202011

I decided to look up what a baby puffin looked like, out of curiosity, and this is the image that came up. Puffins have the quality of being very smooth and soft looking, but this guy’s hair looks like a mess! You have to wonder, when looking at this picture, if his fluff is chubbiness or just fluffiness. I’d go with the latter. Maybe a bit of both. What do you think?

Adorable Baby Puffin

Adorable Baby Puffin

Found on Flickr

Feb 192011

Penguin here.

Have you ever seen a raccoon at night? I certainly have, and he definitely looked like he was up to something suspicious! (This made him seem even more adorable, of course). This guy, on the other hand, looks like an innocent little sweetheart. I wish I could give him a little treat to snack on.

Raccoon Resting

Have a nice rest!

Found here: Creation Wiki