Mar 312011

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If there is one kind of dog I have a definite soft spot for, aside from daschunds (don’t worry, a daschund post will come soon), it would be golden retrievers. I love them. I think that a single glance at the picture below suffices to explain why I’m so fond of them. Look how soft, sweet and affectionate they look. I have never met a golden retriever that wasn’t friendly. These dogs combine intelligence, charm, goofyness, cuteness and sweetness all in one. I’m soooo tempted to get one…

golden retriever puppies and mother

What a loving family!

Found here: Golden Retriever Adoption Secret

Mar 302011

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Understandably, a lot of people aren’t major fans of hyenas, and the role they play in the Lion King didn’t help their reputation much. However, you have to admit that baby hyenas–and especially the one in this picture–are absolutely adorable. Look how small his ears are compared to his mom’s! Look how affectionate he is! What a cutie…

baby hyena and mother

A Baby Hyena Looking with Affection at its Mother

Found here: Photo Globe

Mar 292011

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For today’s dose of cuteness, we have a baby tapir. Tapirs are confusing. When I say confusing, I mean “platypus” confusing. What I mean by this is that, tapirs look like a combination of a bunch of different animals (like how platypi look like ducks, otters and other animals combined). In the case of a tapir, I’d say that they look like pigs, combined with rhinos, and that they seem to have 1/4 of an elephant trunk. According to Wikipedia, tapirs are closely related to odd-toed ungulates, such as horses and rhinos. At least this to some degree explains the minor rhino resemblance.
Anyway, I hope you like this friendly little tapir. I love the fashionable print he’s wearing and the sweet, innocent look he’s giving the camera. I also love his large ears.

adorable baby tapir

Baby Tapir

Found here: Tapir Specialist Group

Mar 282011

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Opossums, commonly called possums, are a fuzzy kind of marsupial. Apparently, baby opossums can actually hang by their tails, as you can see here. How cute is that? I wonder how that tiny tail is strong enough to hold their fuzzy bodies. Better yet, I wonder how they’re going to get themselves down to solid ground, and how on Earth they were even able to hang on that branch in the first place!

baby opossums hanging by their tails

You can get a quite a nice view from up here!

Picture by: Frank Lukasseck/Corbis.
Found here: Backyard Zoologist

Mar 262011

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I don’t know where to begin to describe the cute attributes of this mouse. In fact, if that were the task at hand, I’d have to describe every single one of this mouse’s attributes, because there is not one single detail about him that isn’t cute. From his super long whiskers, to his super long tail, and the adorable floppy ears, fuzzy fur, and everything else in between, every one of his features is too adorable to miss. He may be a very small mouse, but this guy will easily draw anybody’s attention.

baby mouse

What a tiny, fuzzy guy!

Found here: Fan Pop

Mar 252011

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There’s a lot of cute stuff going on in this picture. For one, there is a tiny baby chimp with small legs, a small head, small toes –small everything really– except for very large ears and quite a large foot! What a cutie he is! That’s not the only cute part of the picture of course. What’s also really adorable is the two loving chimps that are with the baby as well as the fact that one of them has the baby’s foot on his/her nose and doesn’t seem to mind it!

three chimpanzees and a baby chimp

What a sweet family picture!

Found here: Primatology

Mar 232011

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I have to be honest here, and say that it was Blue Bear who actually found this adorable picture to cheer me up a bit today, since adorable pictures always cheer me up. As soon as I saw it, I knew instantly that I had to post it on ACAD.
So what do you guys think of this sweet pair of bears? The mother looks so loving and proud of her tiny cub, and the tiny cub looks like he wants to play with his mom’s nose or get a hug…I’m not quite sure which of the two. Either way, this is an adorable picture, and I think one single glimpse of the image is enough to brighten anyone’s day.

alaskan brown bear cub and mother


Found here: Piece of Mind

Mar 232011

Winter’s nearly over and that means lots of birds migrating back to Canada! It’s always sad when winter comes, because you don’t hear the beautiful sounds of the songbirds filling the sky in the morning. One of these beautiful songbirds happens to be the Blue Jay; a majestic blue bird with really striking markings that make him instantly recognizable by anyone that sees him. To read more about blue jays, check out the link below to the excellent All About Birds, a site created by Cornell University and packed full of excellent information and pictures of any kind of bird you can think of!

Adorable and Loving Blue Jay Family

Adorable and Loving Blue Jay Family

Found at: All About Birds

Mar 222011

I love peacocks. Adult males are always so pretty and majestic and they really are inspiring creatures. Of course, wherever there’s an adult there is bound to be a baby, and babies are generally very cute, so I looked for a nice photo of a baby peacock and found a great one on Deviant Art. You can check out more photography by the Deviant Art user Lemonpost through the link at the bottom of this post. She does a lot of pics of cute animals like this.

Anyway, check the pic out! Make sure to take note of the relative size of the peacock compared to the fence he’s standing next to. That is a tiny little guy, especially considering how large and majestic the adult version of this bird is.

Adorable Baby Peacock Chick

Adorable Baby Peacock Chick

Found here: Lemonpost on Deviant Art

Mar 212011

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Hi everyone. Blue Bear (who’s still sick, by the way) was talking to me today about ducklings and how cute they are and of course, this led to the idea of posting one on our site! How do you like our choice? This tiny duckling is super fuzzy. He also has an innocent, precious look on his tiny face. Although he’s super adorable in every way, my favorite part of this picture is his duck feet! I love duck feet! And he certainly has an adorable pair! What do you think?

fuzzy baby duckling

Look at those duck feet!

Found here: Bakati