May 292011

Blue Bear here with Penguin,

Yesterday, I was hanging out at my place and my sister (probably thinking of the video game series “Crash Bandicoot”), asked me if I had posted a bandicoot up on the site yet. I hadn’t, and in fact, I didn’t really know what a bandicoot looked like to begin with. Penguin and I decided, later that evening, to look it up. It turns out they’re small marsupials that are very adorable and fuzzy. This one in particular is what I’d call a “bandi-cute“, because he’s so adorable! His ears are ridiculously long and silly looking, and he looks as though he’s not quite sure where to go, or what he wants to do. By the way, did you notice that Crash Bandicoot looks NOTHING like a bandicoot from real life? Penguin thinks Crash looks more like a Tasmanian Devil… speaking of which… maybe we’ll be seeing one of those soon! Anyway, here’s the picture of our cute bandicoot with big ears!

Bandi-CUTE with Big Ears!

Bandi-CUTE with Big Ears!

Found Here (along with more cute pics of bandicoots. I wonder if a bandicoot can get bandicooties!): True Wildlife

May 282011

Penguin here.

I’m sorry if Blue Bear and I haven’t been posting on a daily basis in the last month. We were quite busy, but things are smoothing out now and so we should be posting on a far more regular basis.
Business aside, I know that this week (or last), there was a viral video about a sloth crossing the street. This made me remember how absolutely adorable sloths are and how it was certainly time to post a picture of one on our site!
I always thought sloths were adorable with their alien-like features, pig-like snouts and their super slow movement. These two sloths in particular are posing for a sweet family picture. The baby is resting comfortably since he’s protected by his loving and caring mother. I love pictures like these!

Baby Sloth and Mother in Tree

Baby Sloth and Mother in Tree

Found here: Forest and Wildlife Ecology

May 252011

Penguin and Blue Bear here.

Did you realize that this is the first platypus picture we’ve posted, even though we’ve mentioned the word platypus a number of times? A platypus is one of the strangest animals on the planet. They’re mammals yet they have beaks, webbed feet, and they lay eggs…talk about confusing! Even their name is confusing; how do you pluralize it? Is it platypi? Platypuses? Either way, they certainly are adorable and fun to look at! This guy in particular is especially cute, soft and chubby. We’d love to give him a little treat to eat.

super adorable and chubby platypus

Maybe he needs to shed a gram or two.

Found here : Platypus and Echidna Babies

May 242011

It’s always adorable when you see two, or more, animals of the same species being friendly with eachother. Now consider how cute that scenario is when you’ve got two, or more, baby animals of the same species being friendly with eachother. There’s only one more step from there to get to the cutest scenario of them all – friendship between two babies of different animal species. We’ve presented a few examples of this in the past, and now I’d like to show you another one. Here’s a picture of two great friends, a lion cub and a puppy! There are more pictures of these two playing together in the link below the picture, so be sure to follow that and see all the cuteness on that page. Anyway, here’s the pic:

Puppy and Lion Cub - Animal Friendship

Puppy and Lion Cub - Animal Friendship

More Pics Here: Green Packs

May 212011

Penguin here.

The other day, Blue Bear’s sister showed me a picture of an adorable snub-nosed monkey. I had never heard of such a monkey before, but the picture she showed me involved a very cute guy that looked particularly fuzzy for a monkey. Of course I fell in love with the fuzziness, and could not help but make a post about one. I hope you like this little guy with his long tail and super fuzzy whitish fur as he sits calmly on a branch, all huddled up. His hands are in “rabbit pose” and he’s giving an innocent little look. How sweet is this guy? A special thanks to Blue Bear’s sister who introduced me to these fuzzy monkeys!

fuzzy snub nosed monkey

What a fuzzy guy!

Found here: That Cute Site

May 192011

Penguin and Blue Bear here.

You may be wondering why Blue Bear and I are posting a picture of a finch today. Maybe you’re not wondering, but we’re going to let you know anyway. This morning, Blue Bear and I were in my ktichen when I saw from the corner of my eye a red bird flying. I got very excited because I love spotting the cardinals that live somewhere near my house. Anyway, the bird landed on my balcony and, to my surprise, it wasn’t a cardinal at all, but instead a tiny little plump red bird with black wings. Blue Bear was the one who noticed that it was actually a finch. The finch did a whole bunch of nice and fancy displays for us. First he flapped his wings and then he showed us his backside. Then he lifted his tail. He was there for about 2 minutes (it isn’t that common to find a bird stay still for so long). Unfortunately we didn’t have a camera nearby, so we have to leave you with this rather impressive photograph of a red finch instead.

plump red finch on branch

What a plump and adorable birdy!

Found here: More Songbirds

May 172011

Penguin and Blue Bear here.

This baby macaque and its mother are apparently from a zoo in Suzhou, China. How adorable is this little scene right here? A tiny baby macaque is being fed something by its sweet and caring tiny mother! The mother has such a sweet expression on her face as she lovingly feeds her young one. The baby, meanwhile, looks like he’s enjoying his food while he’s in deep contemplation. Together they make an adorable pair that is too cute to miss!

Young Baby Macaque and Mother


Found here: Scienceray Zoology

May 142011

Penguin here.

Today is Blue Bear’s birthday and for this reason, I felt that it would be appropriate to post a picture of a bear. Isn’t this little guy just absolutely adorable with his fuzzy fur and large ears? I wonder why he stopped in mid-climb and decided to look away. Do you think he spotted something yummy? That certainly might be the case.
Apparently this bear is from Vince Shute Wildlife Sanctuary. For more information about them and the bears they keep, click here.
Happy Birthday to Blue Bear! May this year bring many more fun trees to climb and yummy food to eat!

Spectacled Bear Cub Climbing Tree

Hmmm...what's that yummy stuff over there?

Found here: Ecobirder

May 132011

Blue Bear here (Sitting with Penguin!),

We just had some yummy dinner together and we decided to make a little post for you guys! We had been playing the game “You Don’t Know Jack” before and a question came up mentioning “Buffalo Bill”. Obviously, that question was the inspiration for this post! We think we found the most adorable picture of a baby buffalo and his mommy here, and we want to share it with you.

Note from Penguin: Psst… tomorrow is Blue Bear’s birthday! Happy birthday, Blue Bear!

Baby Buffalo and Mommy

Baby Buffalo and Mommy

Found Here: North Fork Trolley

May 122011

Penguin here.

Sorry that I haven’t posted in a little while; I have been incredibly busy lately. Here I am though with an absolutely adorable little pygmy mongoose that I am sure will make anybody cheer up, just at the sheer sight of him. This guy looks like he’s in the middle of some serious business…whether he’s digging, looking for a place to hide while playing hide-and-seek, or just having fun, this was a great scene to catch on camera. What a cutie!

Baby pygmy mongoose, Helsinki, Finland
This travel blog photo’s source is TravelPod page: Lions and tigers and bears, oh my