Jun 302011

Penguin and Blue Bear here.

Can you imagine how tiny hummingbirds actually are? According to Wikipedia, hummingbirds measure between 7.5 to 13cm (3 to 5 inches). Now, having this in mind, imagine how tiny that little hummingbird chick is!
Hummingbirds are so tiny, but they move really quickly and are not easy to catch. You may happen to hear them buzzing like a bee, because they can hover, but you’re very lucky if you catch a nice glimpse of them. Last year, we visited our local biodome and happened to hear a periodic buzzing sound. Apparently, this buzz belonged to a mother hummingbird who was trying to protect her little chick from other animals around her. We heard her, but we weren’t even able to see her.
Anyway, we think that this picture of a hummingbird feeding its chick is very endearing and we were lucky to have stumbled upon it by chance.

hummingbird feeding baby hummingbird chick

Bon Appe-tweet!

Found here: The Cute Project

Jun 282011

Penguin here.

I found this adorable picture of baby chinchillas and linked to it as requested by the site below. Anyway, these two young chinchillas certainly look super soft and cuddly. I love their long whiskers and tiny pink noses. Wouldn’t you just love to hold these tiny little guys?

Baby Chinchillas

Found here: Click here to get Images & Baby Chinchillas PicturesPictures

Jun 282011

Penguin here.

A special friend of mine again found a little treasure of a picture. (In fact, there are a couple of these meerkat pictures which you could check out by clicking on the link below). This little meerkat looks very professional as he peers into the camera lens. What a fuzzy little guy! By the way, it turns out that this picture is from a meerkat exhibit at Paignton Zoo, Devon (in England) so if you are lucky enough to travel there, or live there, you might want to check it out!

Oh and did I mention that this adorable little meerkat is only 3 weeks old?

A special thanks to my friend for again finding and sharing such adorable pictures with us!

mini meerkat photographer

Say Cheese!

Found here: Mail Online (Click for more meerkat pictures!)

Jun 262011

Penguin here.

Whoever managed to catch this adorable scene on camera was very lucky with his or her timing. I wonder how the second panda will climb up once the first one reaches its destination. I also wonder how these two planned out this rather challenging endeavour. Either way, you can tell that these pandas are an excellent set of friends and the one on the bottom is certainly a very helpful bear.

Panda Helping a Panda Friend

Come on, I just need one more inch...one more inch!

Found here: Joie de Vivre

Jun 242011

Penguin here.

The other day, my friend sent me a link to this sweet article from the Daily Mail. Apparently the orangutan (Suryia) and the dog (Roscoe) are best friends. They met four years ago in Myrtle Beach and have been friends ever since thanks to The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species (TIGERS). You can read more about them (and see more adorable pictures) at the link above.
I had a very hard time choosing which picture to post because they’re all super adorable. I really suggest you check out the link. You don’t want to miss out on this one.
A special thanks to my friend for finding this sweet article with excellent pictures!

Dog and Orangutan are great friends

Best Friends!

Found here: Mail Online

Jun 212011

Hi everyone. It’s been a long time since I’ve made a post, but I’m back with a new one for you guys. I’ve been considering learning piano recently, and might try very soon, and that led me to this post. Cows are often Black and White, like the keys on a piano, and so I looked up a newborn calf. I found a very sweet picture of a newborn calf with its mother. I’ll let the picture speak for itself. It’s definitely sweet and adorable!

Very Young Calf and Mother

Found Here: TX-Cowboy

Jun 212011

Penguin here.

I don’t have much to say about this picture other than the obvious “it’s super adorable”! Both the mother porcupine and her baby look like they’re straight out of an 80’s hair metal band, but the style certainly suits them. It’s also sweet that they’re being so affectionate with each other.
By the way, did you know that porcupines are the third largest rodents (which I learned from Wikipedia)? They only trail the beaver and then the capybara (the largest of rodents) in size. You can always learn an interesting tidbit when consulting Wikipedia!

baby porcupine and mother

Porcupine Kiss!

Found here: Orange Marmalade

Jun 192011

Penguin and Blue Bear here.

We’ve already thanked our dads for being as cool as they are, and we figured it was time to give a special thanks to some really neat animal fathers we find in mother nature.

First of all, there’s the seahorse (also known as a hippocamp). As you can read in this Wikipedia article here in the section entitled “Reproduction”, the female seahorse actually deposits 1500 eggs into the male’s special pouch called a “brood pouch”. The male then keeps the eggs in this pouch until they hatch, which takes anywhere from 9-45 days. Imagine keeping 1500 eggs safe and protected for that long! Way to go, Daddy seahorse!


Amazing Seahorse

Meanwhile, the Emperor Penguin male incubates its baby penguin’s egg all the way until it hatches. Awww…I’d love to have a tiny penguin in an egg! I’m sure it’s a tough job for the father though; so let’s all give a hand to Emperor Penguin fathers who help bring their adorable chicks into this world! Yay!

Emperor Penguin father with newly hatched chick

Emperor Penguin Father with Newly Hatched Chick

Happy Father’s Day to all from Blue Bear and Penguin!

Seahorse found here: Beautiful Deep Ocean
Penguins found here: LA Weekly: Rad Dads

Jun 182011

Penguin here.

On our bandicoot post, Blue Bear and I mentioned the possibility of posting a Tasmanian devil. We were curious to know if Taz from Looney Tunes in any way resembled one.

Taz from the Looney Tunes

Taz From The Looney Tunes

tasmanian devil baby

Baby Tasmanian Devil

I’d say that they Taz doesn’t really look much like a Tasmanian devil although Tasmanian devils do have large, carnivorous teeth like Taz. They’re also both very cute. So, just as Crash Bandicoot doesn’t really look much like a bandicoot after all, neither does Taz truly resemble a Tasmanian devil.

Now, how cute is this baby Tasmanian devil here? He looks so soft and cuddly. I love his little nose and pointy ears. What a cutie.

Baby Tasmanian Devil found here: Pixdaus
Taz found here: Tasmanian Devil

Jun 152011

Penguin here.

Yesterday, Blue Bear and I spotted (for the first time!) a beautiful woodpecker that looked a lot like this one. It was a very exciting moment because Blue Bear and I are big fans of birds. We love to listen to their different calls; watch them hop and fly around; and Blue Bear even has a bird feeder at home. You can imagine our surprise when we spotted a bird that was so out of the ordinary for our area. We weren’t sure at first what kind of bird it was, but we spotted his long beak, and the red on top of his head. Blue Bear then deduced that it was a woodpecker. Surely enough, we did an internet search that matched our bird. Woodpeckers are certainly strikingly beautiful. I hope we have the opportunity to spot him again.

beautiful red headed woodpecker

What a beauty!

Found here: The Gentle House

Future update: A kind commenter has correctly informed us that this is a red-bellied woodpecker, not a red-headed one. We apologize for the error. Thanks Lm!