Jun 022011

Penguin here.

Now I can officially say we will be back with our normal posting schedule. In other words, we will make a post practically every day.

Anyway, I had a great idea for a post today. Blue Bear bought me a Mini Winnie — you know, one of those baby Poohs in costumes on a string (a cell phone charm) — and he was dressed as a seal! I always found seals to be absolutely adorable so I figured, why not post a picture of one?

I love how baby seals are often covered with a white fur making them look more like bears than seals! Aren’t they absolutely fluffy and adorable? They look so soft and warm. What cuties. I’m sorry the picture I’m posting is so small, but the seal was too cute and I couldn’t resist posting him. I hope you like him too.

Fluffy Baby Seal

Fluffy Baby Seal Resting

Found here: Pile of Photos

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