Jul 302011

Penguin here.

When Blue Bear and I make our annual trip to our local biodome, we always make sure to stop by a display of poison dart frogs. We play a little game of “Where’s Waldo” together trying to see how many we can find. Poison dart frogs come in a variety of striking colors and although these colors may stand out against the plain green leaves in the display, they’re still really tough to spot. This is largely due to their small size.
Although poison dart frogs have poison in their name, and indeed do secrete poison through their skin, they’re still really cute. I chose to post a picture of this frog because I think his color pattern is beautiful and I love the adorable pose he’s in.

Blue Poison Dart Frog

Adorable Blue Poison Dart Frog

Found here: Pets Foto

Jul 292011

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In case you guys never heard of pygmy marmosets, what makes them special in particular, (aside from their undeniable cuteness), is their small size. Pygmy marmosets are the smallest existing monkeys. According to Wikipedia, they weigh between 120 and 140 grams (slightly over 1/4 of a pound). Imagine that. These two fuzzball marmosets are grooming each other. It looks like the bottom one is enjoying his own personal massage!

Pygmy Marmosets Grooming Each Other

Pygmy Marmosets Grooming Each Other

Found here: Science Photo Library

Jul 282011

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I was curious to know if flamingo chicks were as brightly coloured as their parents. It turns out that they’re not quite so striking in colour; however, they are the most tiny little adorable downy, fuzzy and soft-looking chicks. Look how tiny this guy is! He’s the size of his beautiful mother’s beak! This is definitely a sweet picture; it looks like this mommy flamingo is taking excellent care of her chick.

*Did you notice the mother’s cute legs in the background?

Sweet Flamingo Mother with Adorable Chick

Sweet Flamingo Mother with Adorable Chick

Found here: Sign On San Diego

Jul 262011

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I’ll admit that I never heard of a hyrax until today. I was looking up some African animals to try to post something a little different when I stumbled upon these cuties. So, what do you think? Isn’t a hyrax so cute and fuzzy? Aren’t they also really goofy?
An interesting tidbit here: if you read the Wikipedia article under the section “Evolution”, you’ll see that hyraxes are believed to be closely related to elephants as they both descended from a relatively close common ancestor: the giant hyracoids. In fact, hyraxes and elephants share several common traits, such as good memory and sensitive hearing. You should definitely check it out!

Adorable Hyrax

Does somebody have a mini towel for this guy?

Found here: Hyrax-Wikipedia

Jul 252011

It’s always cute when a baby animal is looking for milk from its mother. This little lamb baby is one of two babies born at Cosley Zoo on March 31st (of an unknown year… the website doesn’t say, unfortunately). The other little baby is also a male lamb born the same day. Isn’t it cute to think that many animals are born multiples at a time? When that happens with a human, it’s an anomaly, but it’s often the case with animals, and it’s extremely cute!

Anyway, take a look at this picture, and enjoy!

Adorable Baby Lamb Wants Milk

Adorable Baby Lamb Wants Milk

Found Here: Triblocal

Jul 242011

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Have you ever seen such tiny little animals before? Okay, I know, we’ve posted hummingbirds, shrews and the like, but still you must admit that these dwarf mongoose pups are super small and adorable! Dwarf mongeese grow to a length between 18cm-28cm and are (according to Wikipedia), Africa’s smallest carnivores! These dwarf mongeese (mongooses) are all from the Bronx zoo.

Dwarf Mongoose Pups Playing

Don't these guys remind you of puppies?

Here’s a little video of dwarf mongeese at the Bronx Zoo in New York:

Image Found here: Science Blogs

Jul 232011

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In case you’ve never heard of one, the red river hog is from Africa where, according to Wikipedia, it lives mostly in rainforests, especially those of Guinea and Congo.
This particular little pair of hogs is from the Virginia Zoological Park and the picture was taken in 2007. What really drew me to this picture was the fact that the baby hoglet is doing the exact same thing as his/her mother. She/He’s perfectly imitating her. The only difference between the two is the position of their hind legs and the fact that the mother is quite a bit larger than her baby.

Red River Hog with Hoglet

Like Mother Hog, Like Hoglet

Found here: Hampton Roads

Jul 212011

Penguin and Blue Bear here.

Blue Bear’s sister helped us think of mountain goats and we stumbled upon this priceless little picture. How much goofiness could possibly fit in a single image? First of all, the mountain goat is smiling and looks really happy. The little kid looks very comfy and fuzzy on his parent’s back. I wonder how he’s managing to keep his balance, but I guess balance is no struggle for a mountain goat.

Baby Mountain Goat Kid with Parent

I'm the king of the castle!

Found here: Strange Cosmos

Jul 192011

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I was scoping the internet for some pictures of bluebirds when I stumbled upon this incredibly beautiful picture and I knew that I had to post it. The photo was taken by professional photographer Steve Greer who has a website http://www.stevegreerphotography.com/.
This picture perfectly encompasses everything about the beauty of Spring and nature. Not only is the bluebird adorable and so pretty with his striking blue plumage and orange/red breast, but the elegant soft pink flowers add the perfect touch to this excellent picture.

Adorable Bluebird in Blooming Pink Flowers

Adorable Bluebird in Blooming Pink Flowers

Found here: Steve Greer Photography

Jul 182011

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There are two things to notice here. First of all, it’s very difficult to spell chihuahua correctly on your first attempt. Secondly, teacup chihuahuas are absolutely adorable and unbelievably tiny. They are so, so tiny! Blue Bear, Blue Bear’s sister and I saw some teacup chihuahuas today and they were very playful and sweet. This is what led me to post a picture of some today.
One time, Blue Bear and I were taking a stroll downtown when we saw a person walking their teacup chihuahua. The little guy was so close to the ground, he was so small, that he would have been very easy to miss if his cuteness wasn’t so distracting.
Anyway, here’s a picture of some teacup chihuahuas. Don’t these little puppies look like absolute sweethearts? Don’t you just want to give them all a special treat?

Teacup Chihuhua Puppies Cuddling

Cuddle, cuddle!

Found here: http://langley.canadianlisted.com/dogs-cats/teacup-chihuahua-puppies_1037591.html