Jul 212011

Penguin and Blue Bear here.

Blue Bear’s sister helped us think of mountain goats and we stumbled upon this priceless little picture. How much goofiness could possibly fit in a single image? First of all, the mountain goat is smiling and looks really happy. The little kid looks very comfy and fuzzy on his parent’s back. I wonder how he’s managing to keep his balance, but I guess balance is no struggle for a mountain goat.

Baby Mountain Goat Kid with Parent

I'm the king of the castle!

Found here: Strange Cosmos

  4 Responses to “Baby Mountain Goat Kid on Parent’s Back”

  1. its chooing on its mom horns thats so so so………………. cuteish

  2. it looks scared and surprised ish

  3. It’s so beautiful… I hope god always protects these animal from humans…

  4. My baby goats always stand on there moms bellys I don’t get how they can stand the pressure…… I guess it’s not as bad as labor pains

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