Oct 312011

Penguin here.

Happy Hallowe’en to everyone! For today’s special post, we have Blue Bear’s dog Skunk dressed up as a witch! It was very nice of Skunk to go out of her way to dress up for us. Normally, whenever we put that witch’s hat on her, she pushes it off immediately. We owe a big thank you to Skunk for sitting still long enough for a picture to be taken! (You can rest assured…she definitely got a cookie for it!)
Happy Hallowe’en to everyone! Did anyone dress up their dogs, cats or other animals this year?

Hallowe'en Dog Dressed as a Witch

Skunk isn't a scary witch at all! But she certainly is an adorable one.

Oct 302011

Penguin here.

Bats are really neat animals. They are the only mammals that can actually fly. They don’t fly in the same way as birds though. Birds flap their entire forelimbs and have very small digits (their equivalent of fingers) whereas bats’ wings are mainly made up of their digits. You can see this at Bat vs. Bird Wings.
There are many other cool things about bats which you can read about here from Wikipedia’s article.
Although bats are really interesting animals, I have always been a bit spooked by them, to be honest. However, there are some super cute bats out there like this little fruit bat here. Isn’t he super goofy? I love his nose and ears. That fruit looks way too huge for him to eat though.

Fruit Bat Eating Fruit

This fruit is way bigger than me, but it's sooo yummy!

Found here: Bethpage: Bat Information

Oct 292011

Penguin here,

Welcome to our first Hallowe’en special! Over the next three days, we will be posting pictures of spooky Hallowe’en critters. Well, no, actually, not really. What we’re really going to be doing is posting cute pictures of animals often associated with Hallowe’en or simply dressed in costume.

So, as the title says, our first post is a black cat. Even Edgar Allan Poe penned a story called the Black Cat. Prepare to be spooked!

By this guy? Oh my, what a little cutie! This little kitten’s not scary at all.

Adorable Black Kitten

Adorable Black Kitten (Photo copyright Betsy Cole)

Photo found here at Love Meow and courtesy of photographer Betsy Cole (betsycolephotography.com) .

Oct 272011

Penguin here.

I know that porcupines are goofy in general, but I think the African crested porcupine tops them all. Look at this guy! He’s the animal kingdom’s definition of the word punk. He has a mohawk! Seriously though, what an absolute cutie he is.

African Crested Porcupine

I'm punnnnnkkkkk! (And really cute)

Just so you know, their mohawks are sometimes “combed down” as you can see here with these friendly porcupines:

African Crested Porcupines Eating

We prefer the classier slicked-back hairdo.

African crested porcupine found here: Wikipedia

African crested porcupines eating found here: Geek System

Oct 252011

Chameleons are extremely cute and silly looking. Their eyes are really cool because they can look around in any direction they want, which is really neat to see in action (I’m sure you could find a video on youtube of it quite easily), but the way their eyes look are extremely goofy as a result of their amazing ability! Not only that, but when you think of a spiral tail you usually think of a cute little piggy, but I also think of chameleons because their tail looks really neat with the spiral look they always have.

Anyway, check it out. Chameleons are cute, cool, and amazing animals!

Cute and Goofy Chameleon

Cute and Goofy Chameleon

Found Here: National Geographic

Oct 232011

Penguin here.

I’m a big, nay, HUGE fan of dachshunds. I’ve always wanted to have a little hot dog doggy of my own. This little guy you see here is named Kizmet. He’s actually my sister’s friend’s dog. My sister’s friend moved into a new place over the summer. One day, she saw the little dachshund all alone. She took him in and put out advertisements asking if anyone had lost their dog. There was no response, so she has been taking care of the dog ever since! He’s truly a lovable dog with lots of energy. My sister took a picture of him sleeping for Blue Bear and I to post on ACAD. Enjoy!

Adorable Brown Dachshund Sleeping

Doesn't he look so comfy?

Oct 222011

Penguin here.

Have you guys ever heard of a numbat before? This is the first time I’ve personally ever heard of one. Numbats are, as the title says, marsupials. These guys have super long tongues (like anteaters) with which they eat termites and occasionally other ants. According to australian-animals.net, numbats, unlike other marsupials, do not have a pouch. Instead, their young cling to their belly fur, where they have access to milk.
So, what do you guys think of numbats? Aren’t they cuties?

Adorable Numbat

I'm a goof!

Found here: Mammals of the World

Oct 202011

Penguin here.

Hi everyone. I’ll be honest with you, I never heard of a wallaroo until yesterday. Now, I don’t know what’s goofier: the word “wallaroo” or the animal itself!
Just so you know, a wallaroo is like a kangaroo, except that it is larger in size than a wallaby and smaller than a kangaroo. Some people even just call them kangaroos.
So here’s a picture of a doe-eyed eastern wallaroo with her joey!

Doe-Eyed Eastern Wallaroo

It's very warm and cozy in there!

Found here: ZooBorns

Oct 182011

In Harvest Moon, the first animal you get is a cute little doggy! It’s tough to tell what kind of dog he is, exactly, but if I had to guess I’d think the little guy is a Beagle. Take a look and judge for yourself:

Harvest Moon Dog

Harvest Moon Dog

Isn’t he adorable?

Anyway, beagles in real life are really cute guys as well, and very friendly. They’re also really goofy and silly looking, with big floppy ears. Take a look at this beagle I found online:

Beagle Puppy Wearing Shirt

Beagle Puppy Wearing Shirt

My dog absolutely hates it when we try to put any kind of clothing on her, but this little doggy seems perfectly content with it. We’ll try and get a picture of mine wearing her halloween costume if we can, but she kicks it off as soon as you let go of it when you try to make her wear it, so I can’t promise anything!

Harvest Moon Dog found here: Giant Bomb
Beagle Puppy found here: Daily Pets

Oct 152011

Penguin here.

I decided to post a few more of the animal pictures that were taken in my backyard over the summer and early fall this year. My mother is actually the one who managed to take these pictures.
We have a lot of robin redbreasts around here. They are truly beautiful birds. It is especially a lot of fun to see them hop really quickly on their little stick legs. Just so you know, the American Robin, according to Wikipedia, is actually a songbird of the thrush family. It also migrates during the winter, where it heads to Florida, central Mexico or along the Pacific Coast. We definitely don’t see them around here during our cold winters.

Beautiful Robin Redbreast on Wire

Beautiful Robin Redbreast on Wire (Check out its claws!)

Robin Red Breast with Worm

The early bird gets the tastiest worm...

Robin redbreast: Back View

Robin Redbreast: Back View

Adorable Robin Redbreast

Robin Redbreast Near Foliage