Oct 232011

Penguin here.

I’m a big, nay, HUGE fan of dachshunds. I’ve always wanted to have a little hot dog doggy of my own. This little guy you see here is named Kizmet. He’s actually my sister’s friend’s dog. My sister’s friend moved into a new place over the summer. One day, she saw the little dachshund all alone. She took him in and put out advertisements asking if anyone had lost their dog. There was no response, so she has been taking care of the dog ever since! He’s truly a lovable dog with lots of energy. My sister took a picture of him sleeping for Blue Bear and I to post on ACAD. Enjoy!

Adorable Brown Dachshund Sleeping

Doesn't he look so comfy?

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  2. […] the dachshund, my sister’s friend’s dachshund from several posts, including the one here. The other day, Kizmet adopted a new sister named Kara, who is only 9 weeks old. Don’t they […]

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