Nov 302011

Penguin here.

Now, I assume you must usually find seagulls to be those loud and potentially annoying birds. I know I certainly do. Even in Disney’s Finding Nemo, they are portrayed as loud and obnoxious. The seagulls don’t say anything except “Mine, mine, mine” the whole time. You can watch the pelican from the movie get annoyed with them here.
And yet, and yet, you can’t help but admit that this seagull chick and its parent make quite the adorable pair. The chick is all speckled and fuzzy and the parent looks nice and relaxed. They certainly look very adorable cuddling together like that. Maybe there’s more to seagulls than the fact that they’re so noisy after all.

Seagull with Chick

What a speckley chick!

Found here: Stanley Seagull

Nov 292011

Penguin here.

For all you Bambi fans, can’t you just see the resemblance here? Disney did an excellent job drawing Bambi. At any rate, both Bambi and real life deer make me go “awwww”. What do you guys think?

Here is Bambi looking as cute as ever:

Bambi with Butterfly on Tail

Bambi with a Butterfly

Here are some beautiful and adorable deer:

Baby Deer Fawns

Aren't they so pretty and colorful?

Deer found here : Baby Animalz
Bambi found here: Best Animated Movies

Nov 282011

Penguin here.

Slow lorises are too cute. They are soft, fuzzy and cuddly. They have miniature little hands. They have sweet and innocent looking eyes. They have button noses. What don’t they have? If you don’t think that slow lorises are some of the most adorable animals you’ve ever seen, or if you simply haven’t ever watched Sonya the slow loris on Youtube, then do yourself a favour and watch her this instant.

Adorable Slow Loris On Branch

Adorable Slow Loris On Branch

Found here: Tumblr

Nov 262011

Penguin here.

Here is a baby elephant extending his tiny trunk. Look at that trunk…it’s so cute! Doesn’t the elephant also have adorably wrinkly skin and goofy hair?

Baby Elephant Extending Trunk

I can play trumpet professionally with my trunk!

Now, as a bonus for you guys, I’m also posting another super cute elephant picture. This time you get a nice view of their adorable behinds. Seriously, look how tiny the baby elephant’s butt is compared to its parent’s! Look at its tiny feet! This is too cute. I have only one word to say here and that’s “awwwwwww”.

Baby Elephant with Parent: Back View

Baby Elephant with Parent: Back View

Both photos found here: Izismile

Nov 242011

Penguin here.

First of all, Blue Bear and I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

Now, have you guys ever seen a rat holding a teddy bear? I certainly haven’t! Take a look at this super cutie. I think he’s a big fan of his adorable little teddy bear. I also love his explosion of whiskers. Seriously, though, imagine how tiny this little plush bear must be. Personally, I’m not quite sure what I find cuter: the rat or the teddy! It’d be super adorable to see the rat cuddling with the bear, don’t you think?

Adorable Rat Holding a Teddy Bear

This is my teddy bear.

Found here at the adorable: 70 Cutie Baby Animals Bring You a Good Mood

Nov 232011

A friend of mine’s dog passed away last week and I thought a tribute was in order. I like to do nice, upbeat posts for this A Cute A Day, since the point is the site is to have something cute for you to look at to cheer you up, but for today I feel the need to say good bye to a friend.

This dog’s name was Chelsea. She was 16 years old and was a mix of a collie and german shepherd. She was very friendly and cute, and even up until her last days she would come to the door (albeit slowly) when I came over and rang the doorbell. She always wanted a little bit of attention and made sure you knew she was there when you came in.

Goodbye Chelsea. You were a beautiful dog and a good friend. You made a great companion for your owners and you will be missed.

In Memory of Chelsea the Dog

Adorable Picture of Chelsea Lying Down

Nov 202011

Penguin here.

Have you guys ever heard of genets? I certainly hadn’t until this weekend. Genets are a lot like cats and are in fact related to them. According to Wikipedia, genets have tails that are one to one and a half times their body length. Imagine that!

Here is a picture of little baby genets:

Baby Genet Kits

Baby Genet Kits

And here is a picture of a full-grown adult:


Adult Genet

Baby Genets found here: Pensacola State College
Adult genet found here: Nigel Dennis

Nov 182011

Penguin posted up some bears in the last post, so I figured why not reciprocate and post up a penguin or two! It’s always cute when you see animals exhibiting human behaviours, so when I saw this picture, I melted. It’s well known that penguins are monogamous creatures, so this picture seems particularly nice with that fact in mind. Imagine the adorable baby penguins they will one day have!

Here’s the photo:

Loving African Penguin Couple

Loving African Penguin Couple

Found Here: Photo Birds

Nov 172011

Penguin here.

I hope to lead you guys into Friday and the weekend with this very sweet family picture. The mother bear looks so content with her little cubs playing. Aren’t they just the cutest little miniature versions of her? Also, you should take a good look at the sitting bear’s paws which are all full of sand (you should click to enlarge to get a better view)! This is definitely a sweet family portrait.

Grizzly Bear Family Playing

Grizzly Bear Family Playing

Image © Copyright 2011 David Chudnov,

Nov 162011

Penguin here.

Blue Bear and I were playing a round of Disney Trivial Pursuit when one of the questions asked who attended the tea party in Alice in Wonderland. For some reason, I could not remember the presence of the dormouse! How could someone forget about such a cute and cuddly animal? Just look at this guy! Look how adorably chubby he is! Look at those curled up feet! Look at that fuzzy tail! He is too cute. Apparently, this little guy is hibernating. Awww…

cuddly adorable dormouse

I'd love to have a tea party with this guy!

Found here: Mail Online