Dec 242011

Penguin here.

Blue Bear and I want to wish you all happy holidays. Every year, on December 24th, we make special sugar cookies that we spend nearly all day decorating. We are quite proud of them and we think that they’re cute enough to belong here on ACAD, so we wanted to share them with you guys! How do you like them? Did you notice our Blue Bear and Penguin heads?

Enjoy the holidays!

Our Christmas Cookies

Our Happy Holiday Cookies

Dec 192011

Penguin and Blue Bear here.

Today we are starting our second annual ACAD Christmas Countdown. Our first pick is this adorable set of partying guinea pigs. They’re fuzzy, colorful and very cute. They look like they’re having a very fun party. Do you think they’re waiting for more guinea pig friends to come?

Christmas Guinea Pigs

Party over here!

Found here: Kaushik’s Album

Dec 172011

Penguin here.

I have already established in the past how goofy we think playtpi are. Just have a look at these two little guys! In case you didn’t know, platypi are monotremes, like echidnas. This means that they are mammals that lay eggs and unlike other mammals, although they do have mammary glands, they excrete milk from openings in their skin, as opposed to nipples. According to University of Berkeley’s Website, modern adult monotremes have no teeth!

Anyway, I thought these two little platypi were absolutely adorable. I love their tiny beaks and super soft fury skin. I also think that their feet are adorable.

We're little soft and wrinkly platypus buddies!

Found here: Baby Animalz

Dec 152011

Time for the second boss I fight in Mega Man X. This one is called Storm Eagle. He swoops with great ferocity, just like these baby eagles (known as eaglets) will when they get older and learn how to fly. Until then, however, they will remain fuzzy balls of goofiness in a nest!

Mother and Eaglets

Mother and Eaglets

Found here: Birding with Wilf

Dec 142011

Penguin here.

That’s right, I said awwdorable! These hamsters are so adorable that there is no word in the English dictionary that will fittingly describe the degree of their cuteness. Seriously, look at that fuzz! Look at those pink paws and that tiny tail! I love his sleeping eyes and gigantic head to body ratio. Also be sure to notice how his other hamster buddy is flipped over in the background. This is unbearably adorable.

Adorable, Pink, and Fuzzy Sleeping Baby Hamsters

Found here: Flickriver: Baby Hamsters