Mar 312012

Penguin here.

Can you believe that these two little sweethearts are skunks – animals notorious for being one of the general population’s pet peeves? Not me! These little skunks are too adorable for words. I love their goofy noses and innocent little eyes. The way these little buddies are curiously peering out of the basket is absolutely adorable.

Adorable Young Skunks in Basket

What a sweet package!

Found here: The Telegraph & c/o AFP/GETTY

Mar 292012

Hey guys.

I was hanging around facebook the other day and saw an awesome post by a friend (and League of Legends team mate) of a super cute bunny being held. He posted a few pictures of the little fuzz machine, and I couldn’t help but ask him if I could post one on ACAD for you guys. He said yes, of course, and said that he’d be famous soon if I kept posting his pictures up here! I don’t know about fame, but I’m sure this adorable photograph will cheer many people up on a dreary day!

If you guys have a chance, check out his band here: The Bad, The Ugly. They make acoustic rock music and it’s awesome.

Here’s the pic:

Adorable Bunny (Thanks Gab)

Adorable Bunny (Thanks Gab)

Mar 282012

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Blue Bear and I always love seeing animal parents nurturing their babies which is why we have an entire category on our site dedicated to it! (You can have a look here : Animal Mother or Father with their Babies). This is such a great picture because the baby baboon looks so sweet and innocent, and the mother, attentive and alert so that she can protect her precious charge.

Baboon Mother Hugging Baby

Sweet Nurturing Baboon Mother & Her Baby

Found here: Animal Tracks (msnbc Photoblog)

Mar 272012

Penguin here.

Something tells me this little hamster gourmet, or rather, gourmand, isn’t going to be sharing that rather large strawberry with his hamster buddy any time soon. That’s okay, though; we can forgive him, because he certainly looks adorable trying to stuff that monstrous berry into his tiny little mouth.

Adorable Hamster Eating Strawberry with Hammy Friend

Sorry, I only brought one...

Found here: North by Northwestern

Mar 262012

Penguin and Blue Bear here.

We wanted to let you guys know that we just got a twitter account. You can follow us here: . We are looking forward to many tweets!

Dolphins are really cool animals. They have excellent sight and they use echolocation to find food. Did you guys know that their sense of smell as well as their sense of taste are actually not so great? You can read more about dolphins at

Anyway, what do you guys think about this adorable dolphin calf and his/her mom? Don’t they make a great pair?

Baby Bottlenose Dolphin Calf with Mother

Things are going swimmingly!

Found here: Mail Online

Mar 252012

Penguin here.

On the back of my calculator that I used throughout university, I have a sticker of a beautiful lorikeet that my dad had given me. I didn’t know that it was called a lorikeet though, until last week when Blue Bear and I were surfing the net for animal pictures. We stumbled upon a rainbow lorikeet, and I was very excited to finally figure out what the sticker represented.
Rainbow lorikeets are colorfully feathered parrots found in Australia and parts of Asia such as Indonesia.
Today I’m putting up two images, because one is particularly cute, and the other, striking and beautiful. Enjoy!

Rainbow Lorikeets with Chicks

Look at those incredibly fuzzy chicks!

Rainbow Lorikeet Flying

Rainbow Lorikeet Flying

Rainbow lorikeets with fuzzy chicks: ZooBorns
Lorikeet in Mid-Flight found here: Pbase: Rainbow Lorikeet Flapping Its Wings c/o Sheila Smart

Mar 242012

Hey everyone. I was just talking to my mom and the conversation steered itself into the direction of The Lion King. It did so more-or-less because I decided to start singing The Circle of Life! Anyway, it got me thinking… we haven’t had a lion on the site in a while! So here I am with a picture of a cute lion cub. Do you think he’s going to grow up to be a mighty king?

The Lion King

Hakuna Matata

Found Here: National Georgraphic

Mar 222012

Penguin here.

This little baby donkey here is so fuzzy and the mother, loving and adorable. Where did our little donkey friend get so much fuzz? Did you guys notice how the baby donkey is the same size as his/her mother’s head? It’s too cute.

Baby Donkey Foal with Mother

Like mother, like foal!

Found here: Kevin Green Wealth

Mar 212012

Penguin here.

Have you ever heard of a bilby? A bilby is another kind of marsupial native to Australia. They are also known as rabbit-eared bandicoots. According to Wikipedia’s bilby article, these cuties are burrowers that build extensive tunnel systems in order to protect themselves from predators and heat.
Look at those ears! This bilby is soooooo adorable! I just want to cuddle with our bilby pal!

Soft & Goofy Bilby

Soft & Goofy Bilby

Found here: Wild Down Under

Mar 202012

Penguin here.

Pade-what, you ask? Pademelon! Like wallabies and kangaroos, pademelons are from the family Macropodidae and according to Wikipedia’s Pademelon article, they are the smallest member of that family.
I’m not exactly sure what is going on in this picture, but it seems to me like Mommy Pademelon is examining a flower for consumption while her little joey is patiently (and comfortably) waiting in her pouch. Whatever the case, this picture is adorable and I’m proud to say that I learned about a new animal today!

Pademelon with Joey in Pouch

Yeah, I'll just wait here while you grab us some food.

Found here: Sunet & c/o