Apr 302012

Penguin here.

So what do you think of these two little goofy puppies at play? I think they’re absolutely adorable. When I was a kid and watched Disney’s 101 dalmatians for the very first time, I fell in love with dalmatians. They’re just adorable and beautiful dogs. I really like these two goofy puppies in particular. It’s so cute how the puppy to the left is just biting the other’s face, but the puppy to the right is very nonchalant about it. These dalmatian pups are total cuties.

Dalmatian Puppies Playing

This is just my way of saying hello!

Found here: Dazzledot Dalmatians

Apr 292012

Penguin here.

I have a newfound appreciation for armadillos. That is, ever since I saw the cutest armadillo ever on this video from youtube:

How cute is the little armadillo? What a goof with no sense of direction. He’s so cute, that I feel like running in circles with him!

Now, here is a picture of an armadillo mostly rolled up into a protective ball. I don’t think I have to comment much about the cuteness of this image. Just look and enjoy!

Armadillo Curled Up Into a Ball

Armadillo Curled Up Into a Ball

Found here: Dipity=>Flickr: armadillo Timeline =>”Baby” – La Plata three-banded armadillo. Feb 16, 2008 1:01 PM

Apr 282012

Penguin here.

Hi everyone. This is one of those pictures that is not only adorable, but also, and possibly to an even greater extent, it’s absolutely beautiful. I think this is such a sweet embrace between these two giraffes. In fact, it’s making me want to hug someone I love right now!

Giraffes Embracing

Giraffe love

Found here: The Berry: Cute Adorable Animals Photos in Hi-Res

Apr 262012

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The first thing that comes to mind when I look at this picture is: how on Earth did these little gerbil buddies manage to get into that configuration? Then, I ask, what made them all want to squeeze into their food bowl? Who was the first gerbil to have the idea and who was the first to follow? Unfortunately, all of these questions are bound to remain unanswered, but in the meanwhile, I’ll be enjoying an eyeful of a bowlful of tiny, sleepy, fuzzy, adorable gerbils!

A Bowful of Adorable Gerbils

Hmmm, so how do we get out this one?

Found here: Gerbil Mansions: The Home of Beautiful Gerbils

Apr 252012

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I’m not quite sure what kind of bird this is. All that I know is that this chick is positively adorable. Look at those tiny wings! Look at that feathery fuzz! I wonder what this little birdie is up to. In any case, whatever he’s doing, he looks so adorable doing it.

Adorable Chick with Tiny Wings

Please excuse me while I do my daily set of jumping jacks!

Apr 242012

Penguin here.

I stumbled upon this image and I thought that it was way too cute not to share with you guys. I can’t believe how pink and adorable she is! Don’t you want to kiss her little nose? So, what do you think? Is this little baby ferret the ultimate cutie? I think we all know the answer to that question: ABSOLUTELY.

Baby ferret by ~Marjo-lin on deviantART

Apr 232012

I’ve got a treat for you guys today… it happens to be a pug looking like HE’s looking for a treat! He’s also wearing some of the silliest doggy slippers I’ve ever seen. A lot of people seem to like Pugs and think that they’re the cutest type of doggy. What do you guys think? Are pugs the cutest, or are there other dog breeds that are even cuter? Anyway, without further ado, the most adorable example of recursion I’ve ever seen:

Pug Wearing Pug Slippers

Who thought recursion could be so cute?

Found Here: That Cute Site

Apr 222012

Penguin & Blue Bear here.

Today is Earth Day, and here at ACAD, we care about our planet and its beautiful plants, fungi, and wildlife, from


Baby Aardvark Sleeping

That's some fine bedding, Mr. Baby Aardvark!



Baby Zebra with Mother

Zebra Kisses!

We wish everyone a Happy Earth Day! And we hope that we all do our part to help preserve a beautiful planet, not only for the sake of other animals and plants, but for our sake as well.

In case you would like to visit the World Wildlife Fund, the link is here: WWF

For an A-Z list of different animals, and their info, you can check here at National Geographic Animal Facts

Aardvark Image found here: Tumaren: Ecology and Conservation Operations in Laikipia, Kenya

Zebra Image found here: Animal Wallpapers | Wild Animals | Facts | Videos | Animals Pictures

Apr 202012

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This is our first non-Christmas guinea pig post! It’s also our first guinea pig post to include a baby one! In case you weren’t aware, guinea pigs are also called cavies and they don’t actually come from New Guinea, but from the Andes in South America.
Guinea pigs are truly adorable. In fact, Blue Bear used to have a pair of guinea pigs named Plum and Pepper. They were a lot of fun to play with. I bet these two little cavies in the image are also lots of fun to have around.

Baby Guinea Pig with Mother

Tiny Kisses for my Little One!

Quick Update: The original photographer of this picture popped by recently and let us know that the mother guinea pig in this photo is in fact NOT the mother of the baby, and that this is her first experience with a young guinea pig. She looks like she’s doing a GREAT job, and loves this little baby just as much as if she were its mother. Thanks for letting us know, Nicole.

Found here: Cute Home Pets: 10 Interesting Guinea Pig Facts

Original Photograph by: Gilded Lily Photography

Apr 192012

Penguin here.

Really, the only thing I could think of to say when I first saw this picture was simply “awwww”. Currently, roughly five minutes later, the only thing I could still think to say about it is “awwww”. Quite literally, this fox pup is too cute for words. So I’ll leave you guys to indulge in the cuteness that sleeps before you with the following message: “Awww, what an absolute cutie!”

Sleeping Fox Pup

Sweet Dreams!

Found here: Animal-Space