Jun 302012

Penguin here.

According to Wikipedia’s tapir article, Baird’s tapir lives in Central America and Northern South America and is actually Central America’s largest land mammal at approximately 2 meters in length and weighing between 150 and 400kg.
I think this is a very sweet picture of the mother and her baby. I love the adorable markings on the baby. Tapirs are certainly very strange looking animals, but this is part of what makes them so cute.

Baby Tapir Cuddling with Mother

Three Year Old Bair'ds Tapir with Mother at Franklin Park Zoo

Found here: www.liveinternet.ru

Jun 272012

Penguin here.

I stumbled upon this little piggy on Pinterest. There are too many cute things about this picture. First of all, the pig is unbelievably adorable. Secondly, his clothes suit him so well: they’re cute too! Seriously, though, just look at how adorable this pig is. I can’t get enough of this little guy.

Tiny Sleeping Pig in Sweater and Socks

What an adorable outfit!

Found here: http://pinterest.com/pin/250301691759975103/

Jun 262012

Penguin here.

When I saw this picture, I knew immediately that I would have to share it with you guys here on ACAD. Seriously, how sweet is this beautiful picture? Look how affectionate the mother is! Look how tiny and adorable the cub is! AHHHH, this picture is too cute.

Mother Polar Bear Kissing her Cub

Polar Bear Kisses!

Found here: StressFree

Jun 242012

Penguin here.

As you must know, I’m a huge fan of penguins (so is Blue Bear). When I saw this picture, I couldn’t help but decide to share it here on ACAD with you guys.
Here are some possible characteristics of what makes up an adorable animal picture (one or more may apply):
1) HUGE feet => the penguin has them
2) some chubbiness => check
3) much fuzziness => check
4) the animal is in some kind of goofy pose, or there is something goofy in the background => definitely!
5) some tiny things => the penguin has tiny wings, eyes, beak => check

Clearly this picture can be considered absolutely adorable and belongs here on ACAD.

Adorably Baby Penguin Chick with Plushy

Can you guess which one of us is the plushy toy?

Found here: Fanpop

Jun 222012

It’s no secret that bison are very large animals with goofy proportions between their heads and bodies, but when you see the relative size of a baby bison that’s very new and its mother, their size is really easy to distinguish. Look at this tiny little baby bison (with a very large head, like all bison, of course) taking a nap while looking as tiny as a kitten. He’s a very comfortable looking little guy! I’d cuddle up with him.

Not only am I small, I fold well, too!

Not only am I small, I fold well, too!

Found Here: 72ppi

Jun 222012

Penguin here.

Pygmy marmosets are the world’s smallest monkey, growing to a full height of 14 to 16cm (excluding their 15 to 20cm tail) according to Wikipedia’s Pygmy Marmoset article.
These monkeys are truly adorable! This little guy here looks so sleepy. Don’t you just want to kiss him? Look at that sweet face!

Pygmy Marmoset, Callithrix pygmaea

Found here: bossejonsson59 on Flickr

Jun 202012

Penguin here.

What do you guys think of this goofy zebra foal? I love zebras because they’re goofy and cute, but also strikingly beautiful. Have you ever seen a zebra in person before? They’re truly amazing to behold, just like giraffes. This zebra foal is particularly adorable because of the way he’s resting. Look a those legs! What a cutie!

Adorable Zebra Foal Resting

Doesn't the zebra look so comfy?

Found here: Zelda the Zebra’s Stories for Grandchildren

Jun 192012

Penguin here.

Have you ever seen or heard of an African pygmy dormouse? If not, then feast your eyes on this little guy! If yes, then you should still feast your eyes on this little guy, because, let’s face it, you won’t be able to help yourself. How could so much CUTE fit into something so tiny? Ahhh, I want one soooo badly.

Baby African Pygmy Dormouse

When I grow up, I'm going to be a whopping 9cm tall (13cm with my tail)!

Found here: My Milk Glass Heart
Dormice Info Can Be Found Here: Crittery Exotics

Jun 182012

Penguin here.

Aren’t fennec foxes just unbelievably adorable with their super large ears, soft fur and kissable faces? Oh my, fennec foxes are soooo cute. These three young ones in particular not only look adorable, but are behaving in a goofy way as well. What do you think they’re scoping out over the ledge?

Curious Fennec Fox Pups

Young Fennec Fox Pups from the Zoo Augsburg in Germany

Found here: Now Public

Jun 172012

Woah, Father’s Day is almost over! I almost missed my time to make this post! For this one, I asked my sister what fathers there are in the animal world that would make for a cute picture and she responded “Simba and Mufasa”. She makes a good point, he’s a great dad! Of course, I wanted a picture of real lions to make this post, so I found this one of a cute little cub playing with a stick that his dad (who is having a bad hair day!) has in his mouth at the Denver Zoo. Check it out!

Daddy, I want to play with the stick!

Daddy, I want to play with the stick!

Found here: Denver Zoo