Jul 302012

Penguin here.

This picture is so cute. I can’t believe we’re actually witnessing a chick riding a kitten! How on Earth did he get up there? Did the kitten want him on his back?

Anyway, Blue Bear and I have been seeing an adorable cat hanging around his place lately. It meows at us, and rolls over playfully, and yawns in the cutest way. It also takes naps in Blue Bear’s driveway. This post is in honour of that cat who is not only super cute, but friendly as well.

Baby Kitten with Chick

Thanks for the ride!

Found here: Cute Heaven

Jul 282012

Penguin here.

I found this image on a site called Middle River: Kangaroo Island, and I realized that I found another dream destination to eventually travel to. Just think about this for a second: kangaroo island! That sounds like you would spend an entire day surrounded by cute animals. It’s basically a wildlife sanctuary where you can find koalas, echidnas, dolphins, you name it. If I could meet all of those kinds of animals as well as these adorable little possums, I’d love to go.

Baby Possum on Mother's Back

Look at those sweet faces and giant ears!

Found here: Middle River: Kangaroo Island

Jul 272012

Blue Bear and Penguin here.

Blue Bear lent me Mario 3d land, which I’ve finally almost finished, even though I’m not much of a gamer. When playing, I happened to stumble upon these cuties: the para-biddybuds! Blue Bear and I both agree that they are definitely among the cutest Mario enemies ever. Don’t they make you want to play?

Mario 3d Land Para-Biddybuds

Yes, we're very intimidating!

Found here: Creative Uncut: Video Game Art and Design

Jul 252012

Penguin here.

Blue Bear sent me this picture the other day so that we could share it with you guys. Isn’t it super adorable? Look how bashful the walrus is! I bet he was so surprised and happy to receive such a fishy cake. It’s definitely healthier than our preferred chocolate/vanilla variety.

Adorable Walrus Receiving Fishy Birthday Cake

Oh, you shouldn't have!

Found here: Photo by Vincent Jannink and found on Neatorama

Jul 222012

Penguin here.

My sister shared this adorable picture with me yesterday and my first reaction was: “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Is it physically possible to be so cute?” Then I knew what I had to do: I had to share it with you guys. This tiny little hammy is so tiny and so sweet. Look at that head, those feet, that fuzziness! I wish it could be my hand holding him!

Pink, Fuzzy, Adorable Sleeping Hamster

Pink, Fuzzy, Adorable Sleeping Hamster

Found here: that cute site

Jul 212012

Penguin here.

Doesn’t this little hedgehog look like he has his own easy-to-equip bed? All he has to do is flip himself over and voilà, instant beddy-bye comfort!

Adorable Hedgehog Sleeping

Who said spiny beds weren't comfy?!

Found here: Ninja vs Penguin
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Jul 202012

Penguin here.

As soon as I saw this picture, I was taken aback by how cute and beautiful it was. These gentoo penguin chicks are having what looks like a very comfy snooze. Look at how fuzzy these little guys are! Look at that adorable orange beak and those rather large feet! I’d say I’d want to cuddle with these guys, but I think it’d be too cold for my tastes.

Sleeping Gentoo Penguin Chicks

Sleeping Gentoo Penguin Chicks

Found here: Awesome photograph (one of many) by Eve Anderson

Jul 162012

Penguin here.

Isn’t this little sleepyhead a cutie? I also love his parent’s protective hand holding him dearly as he sleeps…

To be honest, I feel like him right about now, and it won’t be too long until it’s my turn to snooze!

Sleeping Yawning Chimpanzee

Sleepy Chimpanzee

Found here: forkparty