Jul 102012

Penguin here.

These little bunnies are too cute. Look at those ears! Look at those paws! Look at those sweet faces! What are they doing in those cups? Who knows, but we certainly won’t fault them for it because they look absolutely adorable.

Baby Bunnies in Cups

I'd love to wake up to a morning cup of bunny!

Found here: Fanpop!

  2 Responses to “Baby Bunnies Hanging Out … In Cups!!”

  1. I just love these pictures and your commentary on the bunnies. Keep them coming! You made my day!

    • Hi there,

      Blue Bear here with Penguin. We’re glad our site was able to make your day! That is, after all, the inspiration for the title of the website – A Cute A Day (sends the sadness away!) (or perhaps makes anyone’s day!). Thanks for your encouraging comment… we’ll continue to post as many cute pictures as we can find, which is of course going to be an endless supply!

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