Sep 292012

Penguin here.

My sister shared this adorable picture with me yesterday. Isn’t he so adorable? Don’t be too distracted by the crocheted hat to notice the adorable black patch on the doggy’s face as well as the little hint of his pink tongue.

I think that the dog is a Boston Terrier. You can read about Boston Terriers and other breeds here at the excellent Dog Breed Info Center.

Adorably Dog in Frog Crocheted Hat

Oh yes, I certainly knitted this myself.

Found here: Sweet Lil Mz Mia

Sep 262012

Penguin here.

Oh my goodness, have you ever seen something adorable? I want that piggy so badly! Look how adorably pink, sweet, innocent, and cuddly he is! I think he’s even smaller than the toy he’s hugging. What a little sweetheart.

Pig Cuddling with Piggy Plushy

Cuddle Buddies

Found here: Piccsy

Sep 252012

Hey everyone. For some reason, today, I thought about jaguars. I don’t know why I did, it just sort of came out of nowhere into my head and I knew for a fact that I had to post some cute Jaguar cubs today. I picked this photo, in particular, because of the fact that it shows off both types of jaguars – Black and Spotted – I always thought it was interesting that jaguars can have such different types of colors in their coats. By the way, these cubs were born in Leningrad City Zoo on the 15th of March 2011, so if you want to go see them, they’re likely still there!

Here’s the photo:

Friendly Jaguar Cub Pals

Friendly Jaguar Cub Pals

Found Here: China Dot Org

Sep 232012

Penguin here.

Remember the female northern flicker (a type of woodpecker) from our post the other day? Well, the male dropped by my backyard too. As you can notice, the male northern flicker has a black patch on its chest and some black lines on its face as well, unlike the female.

So here is our photo montage of the male northern flicker. We get very excited about finding cool animals in our backyards too.

Male Northern Flicker: View of Red Patch on Head

Male Northern Flicker: View of Red Patch on Head

Male Northern Flicker:  Isn't he beautiful?

Male Northern Flicker: Isn't he beautiful?

Male Northern Flicker:  Head Tilt (Like a Doggy)!

Male Northern Flicker: Head Tilt (Like a Doggy)!

Male Northern Flicker:  Flying Away (More Like Diving Away)!

Male Northern Flicker: Flying Away (More Like Diving Away)!

Sep 192012

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Today, my sister sent me the most adorable cat video. What do you guys think? Aren’t these little kitties so well coordinated? Editor’s Note from Blue Bear: Did you guys notice that the second cat doesn’t seem to want to participate?

Now, to help make your day a touch more kitty-filled, here’s a picture of a cat sleeping.

Sleeping Kitty Cat

What a Comfy Cat!

Found here: Zuza Fun: Cat Sleeping Positions

Sep 172012

Penguin here.

Have you ever heard of a maned wolf? When Blue Bear and I visited the Houson Zoo, we saw one for the very first time. Maned wolves are native to South America, but are unfortunately endangered. An interesting tidbit is that maned wolves don’t live in packs like most wolves do, but are instead solitary animals. You can read about all this and more on the Houston Zoo’s article about them.

Here is a picture of some maned wolf pups born at the Houston zoo:

Adorable Maned Wolf Pups

Adorable Maned Wolf Pups

Just look at those sweet faces!

Here is a picture of a maned wolf who’s all grown up:

Beautiful Maned Wolf

Beautiful Maned Wolf

Maned wolf pups found here: Houston Zoo
Maned Wolf Adult found here: IUCN Species Survival Commission

Sep 152012

Eagles are amazingly majestic creatures, soaring high in the sky, overlooking the world with their keen eyes and inspiring awe in anyone who sees their incredible wingspan. But here’s the thing about birds… their young always look REALLY goofy! There’s not a single type of bird out there whose young looks anything other than silly, goofy, and adorable. So what do we have as exhibit A in “The Case of the Goofy Bird Babies”? Two grumpy, goofy eaglets!


Grumpy, Goofy Eaglets

Grumpy, Goofy Eaglets

Found Here: Friends of Blackwater

Sep 122012

Penguin here.

I was listening to Disney’s Sleeping Beauty song “Once Upon a Dream” from a video on youtube. As you know, Disney often draws birds, and I realized that Sleeping Beauty was singing with an adorable cardinal. Check him out:

Sleeping Beauty with Birds

Check out the birdy on the far left.

I have been meaning to share pictures of cardinals from my backyard, and thought that this would be an excellent opportunity to do so.

So here is Mrs. Female Cardinal (taken last autumn)

Female Cardinal in Bushes

Don't I camouflage well?

Here is a Mr. Cardinal (taken a few days ago)

Male Cardinal in Bushes

I'm super cute and my singing voice is pretty, too.

So, do you guys think that Disney did a good job in depicting these birdies?

Sleeping Beauty Cardinal Picture Found here: Disney: the Dettol of Storytelling?