Mar 282013

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Isn’t this sand cat family just so adorable? Look at how many kittens there are!

According to Wikipedia’s sand cat article, sand cats live in burrows and can be found in the deserts of North Africa and southwest and central Asia. They happen to be the only cats that dwell primarily in deserts. For more detailed info about these interesting kitties, check out the article.

Sand Cat Family

Sand Cat Family

Found here: wildmadness

Mar 242013

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The other day, Blue Bear showed me this adorable picture and lo and behold, I couldn’t help but burst into the biggest smile ever. These golden retriever puppies look so sweet, soft, and adorable. Did you notice that there is a fourth puppy in the back? (Check out the adorable hindquarters peeking out).

Adorable Golden Retriever Puppies

Awwdorable Golden Retriever Puppies

Found here: English Forum Switzerland

Mar 232013

Hey everyone. I entitled this post “super duper secret agent squirrel” because of the music, but in reality, this video is more or less just a day in the life of an urban squirrel. If you watch them, they will do incredible acrobatics to get from one place to another. They are adorable little guys, but they’re also exceptionally agile. This guy here demonstrates the incredible lengths to which a squirrel will go just to get some yummy food:

The video was posted by the user “Nakei Done” on Youtube on October 10th 2010 (I don’t know how we hadn’t seen it sooner!)

Mar 222013

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This little panda cub is just about the cutest little buddy ever, don’t you think? He looks like he’s having such a fun time. It makes me think about the great times I used to have in parks during my childhood days. I absolutely love this fuzzy panda picture. What a cutie.

Panda Bear Cub Playing on Rocking Horse

Play Time!

Found here: Tumblr: Baby Animal Overload

Mar 142013

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It seems like we’re posting a lot of animals in costume this week! My sister shared this adorable piggy with me and I couldn’t help but share it with you guys too. Not only is this pig in a tutu, but in a very fancy multicolored one too. What a sweet little ballerina!

Adorable Pig in a Tutu

I've got an oinking that she's going to be asked to the ball

Found here: critty pet blog community
Photo credits: Richard Austin/Rex/Rex USA in his 2013 wall calendar

Mar 132013

So I got into a train of thought today while I was relaxing and the word that sprang to mine was “bonnet”. Don’t ask.. it just happens sometimes that I go off onto weird tangents that make no sense. I couldn’t explain how or why I reached that word. Anyway, I’ve always thought that the word “bonnet” was extremely cute sounding, and it made me wonder what I could find if I searched for “cute animals wearing bonnets” on Google. I ended up finding this fashionable little kitty that is checking out his look in the mirror to make sure he’s good to go. Do you think he’ll be the talk of the town?

Looks Just Right!

Looks Just Right!

You can find this kitty and others wearing hats right here: Cute Stuff