Mar 162014

Penguin here.

Aardvarks are very goofy creatures. According to Wikipedia’s aardvark article, aardvarks are nocturnal, burrowing animals native to Africa and they reach weights between 60 and 80 kg (130 and 180 lb).

This aardvark was born in March 2013 at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay:

Aardvark Cub

Aardvark Cub

Found here: Adventures by Daddy

Apr 222012

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Today is Earth Day, and here at ACAD, we care about our planet and its beautiful plants, fungi, and wildlife, from


Baby Aardvark Sleeping

That's some fine bedding, Mr. Baby Aardvark!



Baby Zebra with Mother

Zebra Kisses!

We wish everyone a Happy Earth Day! And we hope that we all do our part to help preserve a beautiful planet, not only for the sake of other animals and plants, but for our sake as well.

In case you would like to visit the World Wildlife Fund, the link is here: WWF

For an A-Z list of different animals, and their info, you can check here at National Geographic Animal Facts

Aardvark Image found here: Tumaren: Ecology and Conservation Operations in Laikipia, Kenya

Zebra Image found here: Animal Wallpapers | Wild Animals | Facts | Videos | Animals Pictures

Mar 062011

Penguin here.

If ever there was a prize for the weirdest animal in the world — aside from anteaters, platypi, and a handful of others as possible contenders — aardvarks would certainly be one of the recipients of this prize. Aardvarks have rabbit-like ears, pig-like snouts and a slew of other features all mixed together into one odd and adorable ensemble. This pair of sleeping aardvarks certainly look like sweethearts. I bet the mother is doing a great job caring for her young. These specific aardvarks are a set from the Colchester zoo. You can check here at ZooBorns to see other special animals born at zoos!

sleeping aardvarks

Aww...they look so cute and cuddled up!