Dec 302014

Penguin here.

For New Year’s, Blue Bear and I will be going to an aquarium that apparently features walruses! We’ve never seen any before and are definitely looking forward to it.

We hope you guys have special New Year plans as well.

Did you know that male walruses can weigh as much as 2 000 kg?

Found here: The Science of World

Walrus Family

Walrus Family

Dec 152014

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Try to look at these otter buddies for one minute straight without oohing and awwwing. Did you manage? Didn’t think so!

Did you know that newborn otter pups are cared for by their mother, father and older siblings? An otter pup is able to swim after only 2 months. For more otter fun facts, be sure to consult Wikipedia’s Otter article.

Found here: Imgur

Otter Pups Cuddling

Otter Pups Cuddling

Dec 132014

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You may have read our earlier post on hyraxes. The rock hyrax roams through Africa and the Middle East, living in rocky areas to more easily escape predators. They normally remain in groups of 10-80 individuals, where there is typically one dominant male, 3 to 15 related adult females and many offspring. You can read about all this and more on Wikipedia’s Rock Hyrax article.

Found here: m4m2012

Rock Hyrax Family

Rock Hyrax Family

Jun 212014

Hey everyone. The other day, on Reddit, I happened to spot an adorable picture in /r/aww of a whole army of baby turtles (or tortoises?) with their mommy. Check it out! Count them all. There are quite a few. The best part? I’d wager there are even more, outside of the frame of the photograph.

Atten-Hut!  Move your shellsides, soldiers!

Atten-Hut! Move your shellsides, soldiers!

May 312014

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I actually first heard of guanacos the other day while watching Jeopardy, and thought that they were so adorable, I had to post a picture of one here on ACAD.

According to Wikipedia’s Guanaco article, guanacos belong to the camelid family (which includes alpacas, bactrian camels, dromedaries, llamas, and others) and they are native the mountainous regions of South America. Guanacos live in herds consisting of a dominating male, females, and guanaco offspring, also known as chulengos.

Guanaco Baby with Mother

Guanaco Baby with Mother

Images c/o Odd Anderson / AFP/Getty Images and found here: Los Angeles Times

May 112014

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Happy Mother’s day to all you excellent moms out there on behalf of everyone here at ACAD. Blue Bear and I both think that we have the greatest moms ever. They are both amazing people who always look out for us, just like the mommy duck below who is taking care of her (rather large) flock of ducklings.

We hope that you get the chance to celebrate Mother’s day with the people you love. If possible, don’t forget to give mom a big hug for her special day. Every day should be mother’s day, in our opinion!

Duck Mother with her flock of ducklings

That’s quite a flock! What a devoted mom!

Image c/o Matt Cardy/Getty Images and found here: Chicago Tribune

Mar 082014
Angry Lioness

Sometimes they might get angry.

Cat Scientist

Sometimes they are busy discovering and learning new things.

Dog Dressed as a Princess

Sometimes they like to dress up.

Javan Langur Hugging her Baby

One thing is certain: they are always protective and loving.

And they are all super awesome! A special thanks to all the great ladies in our lives.

Angry lioness found here: A Twenty-Second Birthday
Cat scientist found here:
Dog Dressed as a Princess found here:
Javan Langur with Baby found here: Isiigem Umyaalinguarai – Isiik’s Thoughts

Mar 062014

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Talk about eye candy! This mother zebra and her foal make a striking pair, don’t you think?

According to the African Wildlife Foundation, zebras weigh up to 770 lbs (349 kg) and can travel up to 1,800 miles (2,897 km) to find food.

Zebra Mother with Baby

Zebra Mother with Baby

Found here: Denver Westword Blogs and photo courtesy of Denver Zoo