Feb 192012

Penguin here.

This little lizard is adorable for so many reasons. First of all, he’s a chameleon, and chameleons are always cute; secondly, he’s a goof; and thirdly, he’s potentially the world’s smallest lizard! According to CBCnews’ article (which includes other images of small animals), this chameleon, called the Brookesia micra, reaches a full-grown length of less than 30mm and is native to the islet of Nosy Hara in Madagascar. Clearly this little reptile buddy belongs here on ACAD, because he’s unbelievably cute.

Miniature Chameleon Brookesia Micra

Adorable Mini Chameleon!

Found here: CBC news

Aug 232011

For our final post in our 12-day Madagascar series, I will be posting a picture of a sifaka. Sifakas are yet another kind of lemur native to Madagascar. According to Wikipedia, sifakas are named because their alarm call sounds like “shi-fak”.

I love this little picture here because the mother looks so white and fuzzy and the tiny little baby looks so comfy as it grips onto its mother. It’s certainly a sweet picture.

Sifaka with Baby

Sifaka Hugging Baby

Found here: It’s Nature

Aug 222011

Penguin here.

This is my final Madagascar post, and of course I couldn’t help but choose to post a penguin as my final one. These penguins are really adorable with their yellow crests. Not only is this penguin absolutely adorable, but so are his/her teeny tiny fuzzy chicks! I love penguins!

Western Rockhopper Penguin with Chicks

Western Rockhopper Penguin with Chicks

Found here: Kewl Wallpapers

Aug 212011

I can’t directly say that aye-ayes are the cutest animals ever or anything, in my opinion, but they certainly do have a special charm of their own. Aye-ayes are lemurs though it is clear that they look very different from other lemurs, like a ring-tailed lemur, for example. According to BBC, they are the largest nocturnal primates on the planet.

Aye-Aye Hanging From Tree

Aye-Aye Hanging From Tree

Found here: BBC

Aug 202011

Penguin here.

The Malagasy civet has several alternate names. It is also known as the striped civet and yet again, is also known as the fanaloka. I’ve never heard of a civet before, and certainly not a Malagasy civet, but the animal they appear to resemble most is a fox. Apparently, these cuties are quite small, weighing usually 2.5 kg according to Wikipedia.

Malagasy Striped Civet


Found here: Lonely Planet Images

Aug 192011

The blue coua is actually a species of cuckoo from Madagascar. The characteristic trait of the blue coua is its striking blue colour. Of course, my favorite color is blue so I can’t help but be a big fan of the blue coua!

I love this picture because you get an excellent view of the bird’s striking blue plumage as well as an adorable view of his hindside! It also seems like the coua is wondering what’s going on behind him like a cutie.

Gorgeous Blue Coua

What are you looking at?

Found here: The Internet Bird Collection

Aug 182011

Penguin here.

For today’s post, we have the narrow-striped mongoose. Apparently, another name for these cuties is the boky-boky.

So here’s today’s narrow-striped mongoose picture. I’m sorry that it doesn’t really show their characteristic stripes very well, but the picture was quite cute.

Narrow Striped Mongoose

Look at his sweet face!

Image found here: Zoo Chat

Aug 172011

I’m a big fan of chameleons, and when I found out that there was, in existence, a chameleon this small, it just made me melt. Please note the frame of reference in this picture… the chameleon is sitting on somebody’s finger! That is a TINY little reptile! By the way… one of the reasons I’m such a big fan of chameleons is because one of my favourite video games of all time is Mega Man X on the Super Nintendo, and one of the most memorable bosses in that game is Sting Chameleon! Anyway, enjoy the pic:

Tiny Little Brookesia Minima

Tiny Little Brookesia Minima - So Small, he has MINI in his name!

Found Here: xcitefun

Aug 162011

Penguin here.

Now it seems obvious why these guys are called tomato frogs: their orangey-red tomato colour. I must say though, this guy looks so convincing as a tomato that I’m sure you might mistake him for one if you saw him from just the right angle, especially if there were some green leaves around. I don’t think I ever saw an animal that looked like a tomato before stumbling upon this frog. Isn’t he a cutie?

Goofy Red Tomato Frog

Goofy Red Tomato Frog

Found here: The Featured Creature

Aug 152011

As my second (and our fourth) post of Animals from Madagascar at A Cute A Day, I’ve got a cute cat-like animal called the Fossa. Apparently these guys are somewhat endangered because they’re pests to livestock and humans don’t like them. That’s a very sad thing to think about and I hope that something will be done to prevent them from extinction. On a lighter note, though, the picture I have for you to show you guys what these Madagascar natives look like is very cute. Can you spot the cub? (He’s not that well hidden, but still may go unnoticed at first!)

Fossa and Cub

Fossa and Cub

Found Here: Drmidas