May 062012

Penguin here.

Welcome to our first post of our Mother’s Day special. Mother’s Day is exactly one week from today, and so we thought we’d post a bunch of pictures of animals with their mommies!

First up today, we have a little anteater on his/her mother’s back. This picture was taken on March 9th at the Rio de Janeiro zoo where the baby was born. According to Wikipedia’s Anteater article, anteaters are one of the three families of a diverse group of South American mammals still around today from a period when South America was geographically separate from North America, and before the North American mammals took over. The other two families are sloths and armadillos.

Baby Anteater on Mother's Back

Thanks for the ride, I'll see you after school.

[Rio de Janeiro, March 9. Image via Getty] and found here: Jezebel