Jun 052012

Penguin here.

I just read about klipspringers the other day. They are actually a species of antelope from Eastern and Southern Africa. According to the Chicago Zoological Society’s Klipsringer article, (which you should check out), klipspring is Dutch for “rock-jumper”. This is because klipspringers live on rocky cliffs where they can jump and climb using their short, stout, muscular bodies to escape predators.
Klipspringers are little cuties, now aren’t they?

Adorable Kilpspringers Resting

Adorable Klipspringers Resting

Found here: Massachusetts Underwater Photographic Society

Dec 282010

I wouldn’t have expected a baby antelope to be so tiny! I knew it would be adorable, of course, as most baby animals are, but this little guy is so small! I’d tickle him right under the chin, just like the person in the picture is doing, and then I’d give him something yummy to eat. I guess he still drinks milk, primarily, so I’d feed him with a little baby bottle! Did you notice his disproportionally large eyes, and his teensy little legs?

Tiny little Baby Antelope

Tiny little Baby Antelope

Found here: The Mirror

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