Apr 292012

Penguin here.

I have a newfound appreciation for armadillos. That is, ever since I saw the cutest armadillo ever on this video from youtube:

How cute is the little armadillo? What a goof with no sense of direction. He’s so cute, that I feel like running in circles with him!

Now, here is a picture of an armadillo mostly rolled up into a protective ball. I don’t think I have to comment much about the cuteness of this image. Just look and enjoy!

Armadillo Curled Up Into a Ball

Armadillo Curled Up Into a Ball

Found here: Dipity=>Flickr: armadillo Timeline =>”Baby” – La Plata three-banded armadillo. Feb 16, 2008 1:01 PM

Jan 192012

The next boss you generally want to fight in the game is Armored Armadillo. He’s weak to Spark Mandrill’s electricity, and it knocks his shields off so he can no longer block your attacks. Despite being a bad guy, he’s pretty cute himself, actually…

Armored Armadillo

Armored Armadillo

But anyway, this post is about his real life counterpart, of course! These guys are surprisingly similar to their in-game representation. In the game, he rolls up into a ball and slams himself around the battlefield to try and hit you, and interestingly, these guys do happen to roll up into a ball as a defense mechanism! Would you be able to guess that this was an animal if you saw it?

Brazillian Three Banded Armadillo in an Armored Ball!

If I roll up into a ball, they won't know I'm an animal!

If you saw the next picture, you’d definitely know it was an animal, though! He’s one armored little guy, and he’s definitely got a great defensive mechanism in the form of his little ball roll maneuver. By the way, check out those ears! They’re too cute and goofy… It’s funny that such a powerful looking animal can also be so goofy and shrimpy!

Adorable Armadillo With Goofy Ears

Adorable Armadillo With Goofy Ears

Armored Armadillo Found Here: Giantbomb

Armadillo Ball Found Here: ARKive (by the way, they have more pics of armadillo balls! Go check it out. Great website!)

Adorable Armadillo Found Here: Global Action Network