Jul 082013

Penguin here.

This picture is absolutely adorable. Doesn’t this father look so sweet and comfortable as he cuddles with his tiny babies? According to Cute Overload, father gerbils actually help the mother care for their young by cuddling and playing with them. I think they certainly should be considered among the awesome fathers of the animal kingdom, don’t you?

Gerbil Family Sleeping

Gerbil Family Sleeping

Found here: Cute Overload

Dec 092012

With our busy week over, we’re finally going to be back to our normal pace of posts.  I was trying to think of animals that we haven’t posted about much and a seahorse came to mind, so I looked one up and found this picture of a seahorse father and his baby. Seahorses are very strange looking creatures, but they’re definitely very cute.  Take a look at how they’re using their tails to keep themselves in place.  It looks like they’re having a nice father to son chat!

Seahorse father with baby

Seahorse father with baby

Found Here:Discovery

Jun 172012

Woah, Father’s Day is almost over! I almost missed my time to make this post! For this one, I asked my sister what fathers there are in the animal world that would make for a cute picture and she responded “Simba and Mufasa”. She makes a good point, he’s a great dad! Of course, I wanted a picture of real lions to make this post, so I found this one of a cute little cub playing with a stick that his dad (who is having a bad hair day!) has in his mouth at the Denver Zoo. Check it out!

Daddy, I want to play with the stick!

Daddy, I want to play with the stick!

Found here: Denver Zoo

Jun 162012

Penguin here.

We will be making 2 posts in honour of father’s day (though we certainly should have made many more on that topic). Like mommies, animal fathers are also very important in nature, just like Blue Bear’s dad and my father are to us.

Here is an English bulldog father with his puppy. Don’t they look like they’re having so much fun together? Clearly the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

English Bulldog Father with Puppy

This is how you act convincingly cute so that maybe, just maybe, you'll get an extra doggy treat.

Found on National Geographic’s Awesome Animal Father Pictures section

Jun 192011

Penguin and Blue Bear here.

We’ve already thanked our dads for being as cool as they are, and we figured it was time to give a special thanks to some really neat animal fathers we find in mother nature.

First of all, there’s the seahorse (also known as a hippocamp). As you can read in this Wikipedia article here in the section entitled “Reproduction”, the female seahorse actually deposits 1500 eggs into the male’s special pouch called a “brood pouch”. The male then keeps the eggs in this pouch until they hatch, which takes anywhere from 9-45 days. Imagine keeping 1500 eggs safe and protected for that long! Way to go, Daddy seahorse!


Amazing Seahorse

Meanwhile, the Emperor Penguin male incubates its baby penguin’s egg all the way until it hatches. Awww…I’d love to have a tiny penguin in an egg! I’m sure it’s a tough job for the father though; so let’s all give a hand to Emperor Penguin fathers who help bring their adorable chicks into this world! Yay!

Emperor Penguin father with newly hatched chick

Emperor Penguin Father with Newly Hatched Chick

Happy Father’s Day to all from Blue Bear and Penguin!

Seahorse found here: Beautiful Deep Ocean
Penguins found here: LA Weekly: Rad Dads