Mar 282012

Penguin here.

Blue Bear and I always love seeing animal parents nurturing their babies which is why we have an entire category on our site dedicated to it! (You can have a look here : Animal Mother or Father with their Babies). This is such a great picture because the baby baboon looks so sweet and innocent, and the mother, attentive and alert so that she can protect her precious charge.

Baboon Mother Hugging Baby

Sweet Nurturing Baboon Mother & Her Baby

Found here: Animal Tracks (msnbc Photoblog)

Apr 222011

Penguin here.

Here we have yet another set of primates (our third primate photo on the site, to be exact). How absolutely tiny and cute does this baby baboon look, all surrounded by his much larger friends/family? Look at his adorably large pink ears and sweet eyes! And it seems that his baboon friends/family are very good at protecting their precious charge. It’s easy to tell that this tiny little guy is much loved and cared for.

olive baboons with baby

Olive Baboons with Baby

Found here: