Mar 022012

Penguin here.

Beavers are very impressive animals: they swim really well; they are the second largest rodent; they build dams. According to Wikipedia’s Beaver Dam article, these dams help protect them against larger predators and help them have easy access to food during the winter. Beavers also have goofy tails, an adorable pudgy body and super cute feet. They’re so cute.

Chubby and adorable sitting beaver

Adorable Beaver

Found here: Animal Planet

Jul 022011

Penguin here.

On behalf of Canada’s 144th birthday (which took place July 1st), Blue Bear and I decided to post some pictures of stereotypically Canadian animals over the weekend.

First of all, it’s quite obvious that the beaver is the ultimate Canadian stereotype as you can see here:

Beaver Mountie

No, our mounties aren't beavers!

This is a really goofy picture. Please note that our mounties are definitely not beavers and likewise, our beavers aren’t mounties! Also, you don’t often see mounties (at least not where we live), if you see them at all, and, if you live in the city, there’s virtually no chance of stumbling upon a beaver unless you visit a biodome or a zoo!

Nevertheless, beavers played a big part in the history of Canada. You can learn about beavers (and other things in Canada’s history) by visiting this fantastic site here: The Canadian Encyclopedia. This is the part specifically about beavers.

Finally, here is a picture of an adorable beaver!

Beautiful Beaver in Water

Beautiful Beaver in Water

And another:

Adorable Pudgy Beaver

What a pudgy little guy!

A Happy Canada Day Weekend, Independence Day Weekend and just a Happy Weekend in general to everyone from all of us here at ACAD!

Goofy picture of Beaver Mountie found here: Raincoaster

Beaver in Water found here: Bay Area Bird Blog

Pudgy Beaver found here: Komo News

Dec 122010

Penguin here again.

This adorable little beaver is taking a bath. Look at how pudgy he is! He also has adorable little flippers.

Baby Beaver Taking a Bath

Baby Beaver Taking a Bath

Found here: