Aug 252011

Penguin here.

I was watching TV with Blue Bear the other day, and a lot of Marineland ads were playing. They showed a brief clip of an adorable beluga whale and I instantly knew that I had to post a picture of one on ACAD.
You can read a lot of interesting information about beluga whales here at NOAA fisheries: Office of Protected Resources. One of the surprising things I learned when reading the article was that, unlike other cetaceans (ie: whales, porpoises, dolphins), belugas actually molt, (or shed their skin to reveal a new one underneath), every Summer. Another interesting little fact is that belugas are very social animals. They form groups of ten to hundreds of belugas and together they hunt, migrate and interact.

Goofy Beluga Whale

What an adorable guy!

Found here: Phil Vischer