Jan 302012

Penguin here.

Have you guys ever heard of a binturong? I’ll be honest and admit that I never knew such an animal existed until about five minutes ago. I guess it’s always nice to make a post and learn something at the same time! According to A-Z animals, binturongs are medium-sized nocturnal carnivores that dwell mainly in the trees of the forests of South-East Asia. They are related to civets, mongooses, genets, and other carnivores. So, now that you have a small idea about what a binturong is, it is time to consider how cute they are. If they bear their teeth, they look quite tough and fierce (you can consult google images for these non-ACAD appropriate images), but sleeping like this, I must admit that they look positively adorable. What do you think?

Sleeping Young Bear Cat

Binturong Having a Snooze

Found here: A-Z Animals