Dec 062011

Penguin here.

This is a special post in honour of my grandfather who I love very much and with whom I have shared so many special moments. About a month ago, I was at my grandparents’ house when I looked out on their balcony and lo and behold I spotted a blue jay. I have been really excited about spotting birds over the Summer (especially with all the robins, cardinals, European starlings, and all other sorts of birds that hang out in my backyard). I had never seen a blue jay in my life. I yelled excitedly and my grandfather came and saw it too. He had never seen one either. We both found it incredibly beautiful, although it was greyer in color rather than bluer (like the female blue jay that is further back in this picture). It was a beautiful bird and for me, it was so special to share that moment with my grandfather. In the time that it took to call my grandfather over, and for him to get there, the bird could have flown away, but it didn’t. Instead, it stuck around so that we both could see it together. In life, there are so many small special moments like these to cherish. And these beautiful blue jays in this picture help spark one of those memories.

Female and Male Blue Jays in Snow

Blue Jays in Snowy Scene

Found here: Male & Female Blue Jays

Mar 232011

Winter’s nearly over and that means lots of birds migrating back to Canada! It’s always sad when winter comes, because you don’t hear the beautiful sounds of the songbirds filling the sky in the morning. One of these beautiful songbirds happens to be the Blue Jay; a majestic blue bird with really striking markings that make him instantly recognizable by anyone that sees him. To read more about blue jays, check out the link below to the excellent All About Birds, a site created by Cornell University and packed full of excellent information and pictures of any kind of bird you can think of!

Adorable and Loving Blue Jay Family

Adorable and Loving Blue Jay Family

Found at: All About Birds

Jan 182011

Penguin here.

I have never had the good fortune to come across a blue jay. Thankfully it is easy to find a picture of them! This blue jay has a beautiful pattern and looks very peaceful relaxing on a branch. I love its pointy beak and the feathers on the top of its head. I just wanted to share this tiny glimpse of nature at its best.

Blue Jay Sitting on a Branch

Blue Jay Majestically Sitting on a Branch

Found here: Birdzilla