Jun 192013

Penguin here.

I am a huge fan of pigs. When I noticed that we hadn’t posted any in a while, and found this little piggy, I knew he would be the topic of today’s post. Just so you are aware, a sus scrofa is simply the word for a wild boar, or wild pig, and this is actually the wild ancestor of today’s domestic pigs according to Wikipedia’s Wild Boar article. This young pig in particular certainly has gotten his little snout dirty in those autumn leaves! What a goofy guy. I bet he had fun sniffing around, don’t you?

Sus scrofa piglet

By Sander van der Wel (Frisling) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Jul 062012

Hey everyone. So, I was thinking about what animal to post today and the first thing that came to mind was a boar. I don’t really know why in particular, but when Penguin asked me what I was going to post, that just jumped right out at me! Little did I know, I would end up finding a picture of MORE than one boar, and they’re BABIES! My favorite of them happen to be the two that are face to face on the left side of the picture. Speaking of the left side… did you notice the sneaky boar in the bush? I bet he’s a shy little cutey!

Baby Boar Buddies

Baby Boar Buddies

Photograph by Andrey Antov found here: Photo.net

May 102011

Blue Bear and Penguin here,

The other day, Blue Bear’s dad showed us a really cute picture of a baby boar and a jack russell terrier acting like best friends, and we both thought it was absolutely perfect for the website. We picked this picture in particular because it looks like the little dog is trying to instigate a play-fighting session with the boar (as dogs like to do!) and the boar isn’t exactly sure how to react! If you follow the link below, you’ll find another adorable picture of the same two buddies running together looking extremely goofy. Anyway, here’s the picture:

Best Friends - Jack Russell and Baby Boar Playing Together

Best Friends - Jack Russell and Baby Boar Playing Together

Found here: Animal Talk