Apr 062011

Penguin here.

I don’t have any special story about camels, because I have rarely had the chance to encounter any; I can only recall seeing them once when visiting the Toronto zoo. Anyway, I’ve always found them to be incredibly goofy looking and, for the longest time, always had trouble remembering that a bactrian camel has two humps, and a dromedary, one.
In this picture, I love the baby camel’s curly, fuzzy hair, which forms a cute contrast with the mother’s much straighter hair. I also find their noses to be incredibly cute, along with their goofy ears. I also can’t help but love any picture that represents the affection between a parent and child in nature. Look at the sweet hug the mom is giving her baby!

baby bactrian camel with mother

Awww...look at the sweet hug she's giving him!

Found here: wn.com