Jun 102013

Penguin here.

As you guys probably know already, we love northern cardinals. Cardinals have beautiful singing voices and striking plumage to boot. Spring isn’t quite Spring without a cardinal song, if you ask me. Anyway, when I saw this image, I was not only happy to see a northern cardinal in it, but also a goofy tufted titmouse by his side. Isn’t that so cute? What a great picture. I hope to see a tufted titmouse some day too, because they definitely look adorable.

Goofy Northern Cardinal Perched with Tufted Titmouse

Goofy Northern Cardinal Perched with Tufted Titmouse

Found here: Cornell Lab of Ornithology Facebook Photos and photo submitted by Carper Sharon

Sep 122012

Penguin here.

I was listening to Disney’s Sleeping Beauty song “Once Upon a Dream” from a video on youtube. As you know, Disney often draws birds, and I realized that Sleeping Beauty was singing with an adorable cardinal. Check him out:

Sleeping Beauty with Birds

Check out the birdy on the far left.

I have been meaning to share pictures of cardinals from my backyard, and thought that this would be an excellent opportunity to do so.

So here is Mrs. Female Cardinal (taken last autumn)

Female Cardinal in Bushes

Don't I camouflage well?

Here is a Mr. Cardinal (taken a few days ago)

Male Cardinal in Bushes

I'm super cute and my singing voice is pretty, too.

So, do you guys think that Disney did a good job in depicting these birdies?

Sleeping Beauty Cardinal Picture Found here: Disney: the Dettol of Storytelling?

Jan 162011

Penguin here.

I think that Cardinals are among my favorite birds (aside from Penguins of course). There’s a family of cardinals that have a home near my garden and I can’t help but appreciate not only how strikingly beautiful their feathers are, but also how pleasant their song is to wake up to. These cardinals in the image are adorable. I love the dark red color of the one on the right and the orange tint of the one of the left. Of course, the crown on their heads is also adorable. It seems like the bird on the left looks particularly plump. He/she must have been snacking very well on those berries.

Beautiful Pair of Cardinals

Pair of Cardinals on a Branch Full of Berries

Found here: Nature’s Notes