Jan 162014

Blue Bear and I are major bird fans. We often do some birdwatching and whenever we go on a trip somewhere, we make an effort to spot the different birds.

In my backyard, there are 3 cardinals who like to hang around. Last week, there was a major polar frost, and I was concerned for the safety of the cardinals. (Happily, they are back this week, so no need to worry about them). Blue Bear shared this fantastic post with me, care of The Cornell Lab or Ornithology’s All About Birds Blog: How Birds Survive the Cold. You should definitely read it, because you will learn some surprising information.

If a link isn’t enough to lure you in, here’s one of the pictures from the article:

Fluffed Up Black-capped Chickadee

Fluffed Up Black-capped Chickadee

Found here: he Cornell Lab or Ornithology’s All About Birds Blog

Jan 092012

Penguin here.

I love chickadees. They’re so cute and small and pudgy. Blue Bear has a bird feeder. Whenever chickadees come by, they fly onto the perch very briefly and rush to take seed(s). They then return shortly after for a second helping. Larger birds like sparrows or cardinals have no problem staying on the perch and eating the seeds there. I find the chickadees’ bird-feeding behaviour to be absolutely adorable. They’re also a very noisy but super cute set of chirping birds. It’s always a pleasure to know that some chickadees are around!

Black-Capped Chickadee

Have you been eating a lot of seeds lately?

Photographed by Jerry Acton and found on All About Birds: The Cornell Lab of Ornithology

A note from Penguin: You should definitely check that awesome bird site out. It’s one of my favorites.