Apr 182013

Penguin here.

I can’t help but wonder how that golden retriever puppy got there, and if Mother Hen realizes what it is she’s sitting on. This is so cute. I hope her little chick on the left doesn’t feel too left out. There is just so much goofiness in this picture!

Mother Hen with Chick and Golden Retriever Puppy

That’s not an egg! That’s a golden retriever puppy!

Found here: Mamie Young

Jul 302012

Penguin here.

This picture is so cute. I can’t believe we’re actually witnessing a chick riding a kitten! How on Earth did he get up there? Did the kitten want him on his back?

Anyway, Blue Bear and I have been seeing an adorable cat hanging around his place lately. It meows at us, and rolls over playfully, and yawns in the cutest way. It also takes naps in Blue Bear’s driveway. This post is in honour of that cat who is not only super cute, but friendly as well.

Baby Kitten with Chick

Thanks for the ride!

Found here: Cute Heaven

Apr 042012

This adorable picture features two sets of things that people associate with Easter – Chicks and Eggs! Doesn’t it look like these little baby chicks are trying to hide Easter eggs around the house just like their friend the Easter Bunny does? I think so. The only issue is that they’re hiding them quite in the open! Maybe they feel as though their cuteness will distract the egg searchers from the very obvious egg placements!

Adorable Easter Chicks With Eggs

Do you guys think this is a good hiding spot?

Found Here:Beauty and Random Stuff

Sep 162011

Hi guys. As you’ve probably noticed by now, I’m a bit of a gamer, (okay… a lot of a gamer!). One of the games with the cutest animals of all happens to be Harvest Moon. Unsurprisingly (considering the title), the game is a farming game, but you don’t only sell veggies, you also tend to livestock to produce eggs, milk, and other products of the sort. Anyway, I’m going to be making posts with animals from Harvest Moon to show you guys how adorable they are. It’s time to begin with some adorable chicks! It’s tough to tell if the game version or the real version is cuter!

Harvest Moon:

Harvest Moon Chick

Harvest Moon Chick

Real Life:

Cute Little Chick

Cute Little Chick

Cute Little Chick found here: Cute Cute
Harvest Moon Chick found here: RPGamer

Apr 242011

Penguin here.

Blue Bear and I wish everyone a Happy Easter and a Happy Passover (or any holiday that you happen to celebrate that may be taking place currently). Or, better yet, happy April 24th!
Following Blue Bear’s Easter theme idea, I decided to post this absolutely adorable video of baby chickens (chicks). These guys are the most energetic, noisy, fluffy, floppy, adorable guys around. You have to see this. Not only are the soft yellow baby chicks irresistibly adorable, but their mother hen certainly adds to the cuteness factor of this video. There’s really nothing more to say than this. You have to check this video out!