Jul 162012

Penguin here.

Isn’t this little sleepyhead a cutie? I also love his parent’s protective hand holding him dearly as he sleeps…

To be honest, I feel like him right about now, and it won’t be too long until it’s my turn to snooze!

Sleeping Yawning Chimpanzee

Sleepy Chimpanzee

Found here: forkparty

Mar 252011

Penguin here.

There’s a lot of cute stuff going on in this picture. For one, there is a tiny baby chimp with small legs, a small head, small toes –small everything really– except for very large ears and quite a large foot! What a cutie he is! That’s not the only cute part of the picture of course. What’s also really adorable is the two loving chimps that are with the baby as well as the fact that one of them has the baby’s foot on his/her nose and doesn’t seem to mind it!

three chimpanzees and a baby chimp

What a sweet family picture!

Found here: Primatology