Feb 012014

Penguin here.

Last year, in honour of Valentine’s day, we made a post about Animal love. This year, we will be making many posts with that theme leading up to Valentine’s day.

Today’s picture is a scene so sweet it may have been a little chipmunk rehearsal for Romeo and Juliet (without the depressing ending). These two chipmunks are just too adorable.

Chipmunk Giving Flower to Chipmunk

Here’s a bouquet for you!

Image belongs to: 4 Durt.com Photography

Special thanks to Audrey for her correction: this post was originally called Golden-Mantled Chimpunk Love, however these are not chipmunks, but to be precise, they are golden-mantled ground squirrels.

Jul 152012

Penguin here.

Today’s post features an adorable soft, wrinkly, little chipmunk. This sweetie definitely ranks high on the cute meter. Just look at every one of his features! Everything about him is tiny. I love his pink nose, tiny ears, adorable closed eyes, little legs, tail… What is there not to like?

Adorable Sleeping Chipmunk

I wonder if this little guy snores!

Found here: KRITTER LOVERS: Chipmunks!

Mar 192012

Penguin & Blue Bear here.

Bruce Campbell and Jim Carrey have a new competitor in the competition for rubber-face. Our little chipmunk buddy here shows that he has particularly elastic cheeks and that he would make a fine & fuzzy little comedy actor. I think this little guy is adorable. I hope he manages to store all three of those peanuts!

Chipmunk Stuffing Peanut in Cheeks

Who needs a lunchbox? Not me!

Found here: Mail Online

Mar 092011

I’ve been playing the new Pokemon game recently and got one called “Patrat”… he’s a little chipmunk and is pretty cute in the game, but what he really made me think of is a real chipmunk. Like usual, I hopped online and found a cute picture of one on Flikr.  Take a look at how cute this guy is!  His ears are absolutely adorable – they look very large compared to the rest of his head, which is (obviously) absolutely perfect.  I’d give him something yummy so he could stuff his cheeks… maybe a peanut or something along those lines… Maybe I’d let him choose between a few things!

Adorable Little Chipmunk

Adorable Little Chipmunk

Found on Vicky’s Nature’s Flickr

Jan 082011

Penguin here.

I was always a big fan of Chip & Dale, and of course a big fan too of Alvin, Simon, and Theodore. In other words, I’ve always loved chipmunks. These two chipmunks make quite a pair. They look all warm and cuddled up. Don’t you just want to cuddle with them? I also love pictures of chipmunks eating, or stuffing food into their cheeks, and I will be sure to post one of those up soon, but I thought that this picture was too adorable to miss. Enjoy!

Sleeping, Cuddling Chipmunks

All Warm and Cuddled Up!

Found here: http://www.ravelinks.com/forums/f8/good-happy-hardcore-djs-84790/