Sep 012012

Penguin here.

I have absolutely never heard of a coati until about 1 minute ago when I stumbled upon this cutie. In case you haven’t either, here’s the lowdown on coatis (aside from the obvious: adorable ears, cute large nose, sweet eyes). According to Wikipedia’s Coati article, these sweeties are omnivorous diurnal (as opposed to nocturnal) creatures related to raccoons. They can be found in South, Central, and South-Western North America. They are roughly the size of a house cat, weighing in at 2-8 kg and up to 69 cm in length (including their tail).
So, what do you guys think? I wonder how I never heard of this adorable animal before.

Adorable coatimundi

A small bear? A dog of sorts? No, it's a coati.

Found here: The Featured Creature and they credit the image as being from