Apr 062013

Penguin here.

I love the expression on the mother’s face as she watches her tiny calf attempting to stand, but unfortunately failing (in a hilarious way). This picture really made me laugh. I can’t help but feel a little bad for this adorable calf, and his/her rather surprised mother, but this is truly a great moment to have caught on camera.

Adorable Calf Face Planting while Mother Watches

Cow Face Plant!

Found here: Cute Overload

Apr 182012

Hey everyone. Penguin’s post about the terrier and tiger buddies made me think about other possible animal friendships. Tigers are well known for being ferocious hunters, and the picture I found shows a doggy with another animal that allegedly has attitude problems. Bulls are known for being tough customers to handle, but this bull calf seems just as docile as the welsh corgi pal that he’s hanging out with!

Check it out!

Welsh Corgi and Bull Calf Buddies

Should we go for a run in the park?

Found Here:The Jas Says

Oct 112011

Hey everyone. Harvest Moon Post 3 coming up! The COW!

Harvest Moon’s cows are absolutely perfect. Everything about them is goofy and adorable looking. Take a look at one and see for yourself:

Harvest Moon Cow

Harvest Moon Cow

Real cows are also cute, but I think it may be the case that the ones from Harvest Moon are actually cuter! The ones in the game are absolutely perfect! They’re chubby, goofy, and their noses are pink and cute. They would make anyone melt!

Here’s a picture of a real cow for good measure (do you think it’s as cute as the one from the game?):

Adorable Cow

Adorable Cow

Real Cow found here:Irish Views

Jun 212011

Hi everyone. It’s been a long time since I’ve made a post, but I’m back with a new one for you guys. I’ve been considering learning piano recently, and might try very soon, and that led me to this post. Cows are often Black and White, like the keys on a piano, and so I looked up a newborn calf. I found a very sweet picture of a newborn calf with its mother. I’ll let the picture speak for itself. It’s definitely sweet and adorable!

Very Young Calf and Mother

Found Here: TX-Cowboy

Mar 142011

Penguin here.

You may be surprised to learn that this is the first picture of a cow we’ve uploaded. That’s right, we haven’t yet posted a picture of one single cow. And I love cows! Anyway, I hope you like my selection for our very first cow picture. How sweet is this little ensemble right here? Doesn’t it look like the mother cow and her calf love each other so much? There is so much warmth and affection in this picture. It’s super cute and sweet at the same time.

loving mother cow and her calf

Awww...what a sweet hug!

Found here: Pshychoneuron