Apr 132011

Penguin here.

Photographer Eric Samwel took some amazing photos of coyotes in Yellowstone Park in 2007, and he has them all posted in the website below. You should definitely check it out! This photo was the one that particularly caught my attention. These two little coyote pups are adorable and fuzzy, but I can’t help but ask one question: “What on Earth is that little coyote on the right up to?” Is this some kind of coyote symbol of love/affection? Are these two engaging in some kind of coyote knighting ceremony? Or did the coyote simply decide that it’d be fun to put a paw on his friend’s (or sibling’s) head? I guess we’ll never know, but one thing is for certain, this little gesture certainly makes for an adorable picture to look at!

fuzzy baby coyote puppies

What's that coyote up to?

Found here: Eric Samwel