Jul 272012

Blue Bear and Penguin here.

Blue Bear lent me Mario 3d land, which I’ve finally almost finished, even though I’m not much of a gamer. When playing, I happened to stumble upon these cuties: the para-biddybuds! Blue Bear and I both agree that they are definitely among the cutest Mario enemies ever. Don’t they make you want to play?

Mario 3d Land Para-Biddybuds

Yes, we're very intimidating!

Found here: Creative Uncut: Video Game Art and Design

Sep 172011

Penguin here.

I hope not to disappoint you all, but I won’t be posting an animal today. Instead, I’m going to post a picture of a goofy toy. The story behind it is the following. My cousin just gave birth to an adorable baby boy last week. My aunt made a celebration in his honour. At the party, she decorated the tables with little toys like mini containers of play dough, plastic animals, toy cars…and this goofy thing! Isn’t it super adorable? I really thought it’d be fun to share it here on ACAD, the place for cute things.

Goofy Squishy Toy

Goofy Squishy Toy

My sister thinks he looks like ciliated bacteria (without the flagella). What do you guys think?

Ciliated Bacteria

Ciliated Bacteria

Picture of ciliated bacteria found here: Biology 156