Sep 302013

Penguin here.

As you guys probably know by now, I love dachshunds and would absolutely love to have one someday. Anyway, I stumbled upon this gif on reddit the other day, and I can’t stop watching it now. Just be sure to keep watching until it loops again. Enjoy, everyone!

Adorable and Excited Dachshund

Adorable and Excited Dachshund

Found here: Imgur

May 242013

Penguin here.

Blue Bear surprised me with this goofy picture early this morning to help inspire me for the day. I love dachshunds, so what could possibly be better than a picture of a dachshund doggy with her one-day-old puppies? This is too cute and sweet. Thanks Blue Bear!

Adorable Dachshund Mommy Doggy with Puppies

Adorable Dachshund Mommy Doggy with Puppies

Found here: Dog Breed Info

Dec 172012

Penguin here.

You guys must know by now how big a fan I am of animals, and dogs, and certainly of dachshunds! This is why my sister sent me this picture of the adorable little sweetie you see here. Just look at how floppy his ears are! Look at that sweet face! This puppy is too distracting…

Tune in tomorrow for day 1 of our third annual ACAD Holiday extravaganza: Christmas Countdown!

Adorable dachshund puppy

What an adorable dachshund puppy face!

Found here: Puppy Toob

Nov 202012

Penguin here.

The other day, I had the honour of dog sitting Kizmet the dachshund. It was a lot of fun and I wanted to share some goofy pictures of him with you. He’s a very active dog, but I only happened to take pictures of his lazy moments. They’re equally cute anyway, so please enjoy!

Kizmet the Dachshund Sleeping on Couch in the Sun

Kizmet the Dachshund Sleeping on Couch in the Sun

Kizmet the Dachshund Resting on Couch

Kizmet the Dachshund Resting on Couch

Kizmet the Dachshund Sleeping Under Covers

He went under those covers himself. What a cutie.

Oct 162012

Penguin here.

You may remember Kizmet from our posts here and here. If not, I suggest you check them out, because he’s super adorable and well, do you really need an excuse to check out pictures of a goofy brown dachshund? Didn’t think so.
A special thanks to my sister for taking and sharing this adorable picture with us. You seriously can’t get enough of this doggy.

Kizmet the Dachshund Cuddling with an Elephant Plushie Buddy

Kizmet the dachshund cuddling with an elephant plushie buddy

Jun 032012

Penguin and Blue Bear here.

This week, we had a very special guest. We were doggy sitting a hotdog dog, our good friend Kizmet. We must admit that he’s the cutest dachshund in the whole world and he’s the friendliest one too. He always wants to cuddle and be with people. He’s a very sociable little buddy. If there are too many closed doors in the house, he starts to cry. So everyone comes out so that he knows how much we want to be with him. You can’t help but cuddle with a puppy in need.

Kizmet the cutest brown dachshund doggy ever

Hello, my name is Kizmet!

Also, we happened to see this picture which made us think of Kizmet even though he never pooped in the hallway.

I am so glad you are home someone pooped in the hallway

Found here: zany janey

May 262012

Penguin here.

Oh my. Oh my. Oh my. I barely have words to say about this absolutely adorable picture. Thank you Little Pumpkins Photography for making my day! I love dachshunds and this little puppy is making the puppy-est of puppy faces! Don’t you just want to kiss him? Ahhh, he’s irresistible!

Little Grey Dachshund in a Bucket

The Puppy-est of Puppy Faces

Picture by Little Pumpkins Photography