Nov 202014

Penguin here.

Oh my, oh my, how cute is this?
One bulldog is affectionately kissing the other who is enjoying it so much, she actually falls over! Oh my!

Found here: Imgur

Goofy Bulldog Romance

Those kisses are so nice, they make me fall over!

Jun 022014

Our friend Gage, the cane corso puppy, is back and is bigger than ever. He’s only 10 months old, so he’s technically still a puppy, but he’s already 100 pounds! Wow, is he getting huge or what? But he’s still a dog, which means he’s still adorable, friendly, and loyal to his owner Al. Thanks for the new picture! It’ll be nice to see how much bigger he gets!

10 Months, 100 Pounds. Gage the Cane Corso

10 Months, 100 Pounds. Gage the Cane Corso

May 162014

Penguin here.

My sister’s friend, the owner of Kara and Kizmet, the two dacshunds, just posted this picture on facebook. Kara, the dachshund, weighs about 10lbs (4.5kg), while the larger dog weighs 120lbs (54.4kg). They get along super well. Apparently, the larger dog lets Kara win when they play together. Isn’t that so sweet? This really shows that friends come in all size.

Kara the dachshund with a much bigger (but very friendly dog).  10 lbs versus 120 lbs.

Doggy Buddies