May 182012

Penguin here.

What could be sillier than a donkey/zebra hybrid? Its name! Zedonk, when the mother is a donkey, or donkra, when the mother is a zebra. Both name are equally silly. How cute is that? Look at this little zeedonk’s legs. They make me gush!

Baby Zedonk with Mother

That's right, I'm a goofy zedonk!

Found here: Impressive Magazine

Apr 132012

I play an online browser game and one of the guys in my alliance is named “Drivin’ Donkey”. He had a hilarious picture as his avatar in-game of a donkey driving a car, so I decided to look for the picture online. With my excellent googling skills, I managed to find the pic, and it’s hilarious and cute! Check it out…

Donkey Driving a Car... Wait, What?!!!

Volkswagen... This donkey's got good taste.

Found here: Mindful Meditations

Mar 222012

Penguin here.

This little baby donkey here is so fuzzy and the mother, loving and adorable. Where did our little donkey friend get so much fuzz? Did you guys notice how the baby donkey is the same size as his/her mother’s head? It’s too cute.

Baby Donkey Foal with Mother

Like mother, like foal!

Found here: Kevin Green Wealth

Sep 122011

Penguin here.

Indeed it is true. A mule has a horse mother and a donkey father. Goofy and cute, mules definitely belong here on ACAD. Unfortunately, mules are often sterile by nature, meaning that it is rare for a mule to have offspring of its own.
So, what do you think of this goofy little mule next to its mother? Isn’t it so sweet looking?

Baby Mule Foal

Mule Foal

Found here: DeBruce Ranch

Jul 132011

Penguin here.

For today’s post, I’m going to present to you a special donkey from One Hundred Acre Wood: Eeyore! Eeyore can be a sad guy sometimes, because he often loses his tail, but in the end, he always ends up with some kind of tail (or tail replacement) and he always feels so happy because of his excellent friends.
The first present I ever received from Blue Bear was the adorable Baby Eeyore plushy here:

Baby Eeyore

Baby Eeyore Plushy

Isn’t he so cute?

Now here’s a picture of Piglet hugging Eeyore:

Piglet Hugging Eeyore

Piglet Hugging Eeyore

Finally, here’s a picture of a baby donkey foal (be sure to check out her adorable soft ears!)

Baby Donkey Foal

Baby Donkey Foal

Picture of Eeyore and Piglet Hugging found here: Riverlea Soap

Picture of Baby Donkey found here: Little Friends’ Ranch

Mar 082011

Penguin here.

Check out this adorable youtube video of a baby donkey foal and his mother. I won’t say too much about the video, but be sure to watch out for some ear flopping or rotating or turning (not quite sure to how to describe it). Also look how excited he is! This is a real treat to watch, so don’t miss it.