Nov 012012

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House may rhyme with dormouse, but apparently this little guy prefers coconuts!
This adorable dormouse is actually named Dozey and is the same dormouse as the one we posted here. If you read the article from, you will see that Dozey was actually rescued by Secret World Wildlife Rescue Centre in Somerset, England after being injured by a cat. Because he did not eat enough in time to prepare for hibernation, they actually fed him and helped get him ready for his seasonal slumber. A special thanks to this awesome rescue for helping out this adorable dormouse and so many other friendly animals.

Dormouse Getting Ready to Hibernate in a Coconut

Dormouse Getting Ready to Hibernate in a Coconut

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Jun 192012

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Have you ever seen or heard of an African pygmy dormouse? If not, then feast your eyes on this little guy! If yes, then you should still feast your eyes on this little guy, because, let’s face it, you won’t be able to help yourself. How could so much CUTE fit into something so tiny? Ahhh, I want one soooo badly.

Baby African Pygmy Dormouse

When I grow up, I'm going to be a whopping 9cm tall (13cm with my tail)!

Found here: My Milk Glass Heart
Dormice Info Can Be Found Here: Crittery Exotics

Nov 162011

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Blue Bear and I were playing a round of Disney Trivial Pursuit when one of the questions asked who attended the tea party in Alice in Wonderland. For some reason, I could not remember the presence of the dormouse! How could someone forget about such a cute and cuddly animal? Just look at this guy! Look how adorably chubby he is! Look at those curled up feet! Look at that fuzzy tail! He is too cute. Apparently, this little guy is hibernating. Awww…

cuddly adorable dormouse

I'd love to have a tea party with this guy!

Found here: Mail Online