May 112014

Penguin here.

Happy Mother’s day to all you excellent moms out there on behalf of everyone here at ACAD. Blue Bear and I both think that we have the greatest moms ever. They are both amazing people who always look out for us, just like the mommy duck below who is taking care of her (rather large) flock of ducklings.

We hope that you get the chance to celebrate Mother’s day with the people you love. If possible, don’t forget to give mom a big hug for her special day. Every day should be mother’s day, in our opinion!

Duck Mother with her flock of ducklings

That’s quite a flock! What a devoted mom!

Image c/o Matt Cardy/Getty Images and found here: Chicago Tribune

Mar 282014

This picture convinces me that there should definitely be a duckling somewhere within the cast of Winnie the Pooh. Look how friendly the duckling and piglet are in this particular picture. They’re hanging out, having different (but adorable) noses and just being pals. Notice the duck’s feet – which are enormous for his size!

Duckling And Piglet

Duckling And Piglet

Found here: Good to Know

Jun 162013

Penguin here.

Within one second of stumbling upon this picture, my immediate reaction was to post it here on ACAD. This is a beautiful and adorable picture that shows just how stunning and cute nature is. I would love to kiss this duckling right on his tiny little head; wouldn’t you?

Fuzzy Duckling Walking Across Lily Pads

I’m just going for a small stroll

Found here: imgur

Apr 052012

I asked my sister for more ideas for Easter animals and she suggested ducks. I hadn’t thought of them, but they definitely are Easter animals! Ducks also have the extra special abilities of being fuzzy, goofy, soft, and friendly looking all at once! Look at these 4 ducklings taking a nap on a rock with their mother nearby (you can see her wing at the top left of the picture). You know they’re safe because their mommy’s right there to protect them. They’re a beautiful family!

Sleepy Ducklings

Sleeping, waiting for the Easter Bunny!

Found Here: Oh Say Can You See

Apr 012011

My sister took a picture of a mallard a while ago and she just dug it up to put it onto her Deviant Art account.  She doesn’t generally do photography, as she’s more of a pencil artist, but based on this picture she does have a great talent at photography as well!  Check out her account through the link below and leave a comment saying you’re from ACAD if you happen to have an account on that site as well. She’d appreciate it, for sure.

Beautiful Mallard Pic

Beautiful Mallard Pic

Ninjababe94 on Deviant Art (My Sister!)

Mar 212011

Penguin here.

Hi everyone. Blue Bear (who’s still sick, by the way) was talking to me today about ducklings and how cute they are and of course, this led to the idea of posting one on our site! How do you like our choice? This tiny duckling is super fuzzy. He also has an innocent, precious look on his tiny face. Although he’s super adorable in every way, my favorite part of this picture is his duck feet! I love duck feet! And he certainly has an adorable pair! What do you think?

fuzzy baby duckling

Look at those duck feet!

Found here: Bakati

Jan 242011

Penguin and Blue Bear here.

We just came back from a beautiful trip to Orlando, Florida. This is where we stumbled upon these amazing birds. We have no idea what kind of bird this is, but they look a lot like ducks. Please let us know if you know what kind they are! Anyway, the chicks or ducklings are so tiny and fuzzy. You should have seen how fast they could run! The female and male adult birds looked majestic. Anyway, we thought we should share these aquatic birds with you guys. Enjoy!

Adorable Aquatic Bird Family

Adorable Aquatic Bird Family

A note 2 months later: I finally found out that these adorable guys are ducks!