Jul 022013

Penguin here.

This goofy little echidna puggle is absolutely adorable. Carefully observe the goofiness of his nose/mouth area and how tiny his little eyes are in proportion to his overall body size. Also notice his nails, his tiny hairs (which will later grow into rather pointy ones), and his soft skin. What a little friend!

Goofy Echidna Puggle

Goofy Echidna Puggle

Found here: Perth Zoo

Nov 132012

Penguin here.

I don’t know what’s cuter: this little buddy or what she’s called: a puggle. This girl will grow up to be quite spiky as you can see in our other echidna picture here. This puggle in particular is from the Taronga zoo and her name is Beau. You could read more about her here on ZooBorns’ awesome site.

Baby Echidna Puggle

What a curious little friend.

Found here: ZooBorns’ Facebook

Apr 182011

Penguin here.

In case you’re not familiar with echidnas, they are the only other egg-laying mammal (a.k.a monotreme) aside from the famous platypus. Echidnas are definitely goofy looking. This specific one has an explosion of adorable spikes and a relatively large mouth/nose combination. Doesn’t his face look so tiny surrounded by so many spikes? I’d love to hold this guy in my hands, but only on the condition that his spines aren’t too prickly!

adorable super spiky echidna

How do you like my spiky hairdo?

Found here: Lone Pine – www.koala.net