Dec 122013

Penguin here.

Elephants are goofy by nature, but baby elephants are just absolutely GOOFY. The comparison in size between mother and baby is just too cute. I also like how the mother is trying to eat, and the baby wants in on the action.

Oh yes, and do take note of the peach fuzz on the baby elephant’s head.

Baby elephant with mother

Can I share that with you?

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Oct 222013

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Elephants are goofy by default. They are also really adorable. I’m not sure what this little buddy is doing exactly, but I think he’s just relaxing as he sits in the water.

According to Wikipedia’s elephant article, calves are born weighing about 120kg (260 lb), and measuring 85cm (33 inches).

Goofy Baby Elephant Sitting in Water

Goofy Baby Elephant Sitting in Water

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May 122013

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Happy Mother’s day to all you mothers, grandmothers, aunts and others on behalf of everyone here at ACAD. We love our moms and so do these animals. If you’re interesting in seeing a bunch of pictures of animals with their mothers, please visit our Animal Mother or Father with Baby category.

Mother Elephant with Baby Holding Trunks!

Mother Elephant with Baby Holding Trunks!

Found here (though author unknown): Love These Pics

Apr 112013

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Elephants are always so adorable, but this one takes the cake.
I bet you can’t look at this picture without immediately smiling. This baby elephant is having a great time, and you can’t help but share his/her enthusiasm.

Adorable Baby Elephant Playing

Adorable Baby Elephant Playing

Found here: Twisted Sifter: The 35 Cutest Elephants Ever

UPDATE: – According to Kim Rabbeni, this elephant is actually from Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Apparently you see this impressive display on their Jungle Cruise. Well they certainly tricked Penguin and I! We both thought it was a real baby elephant. They did a wonderful job on this sculpture.

Jul 032012

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I can’t resist this picture. I think it’s just too adorable. Seriously, just look at that little elephant cub compared to the size of his parent. Look at that tiny trunk and those little arms! Look at those floppy ears! Don’t you just want to kiss the little guy?

Adorable Baby Elephant with Parent

Will I be as big as you when I grow up?

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Jan 042012

Hey guys, sorry it’s been a while since I last did a post about Mega Man X, but the holidays happened and it got very busy! Anyway, we’re back, and the next boss is Flame Mammoth. Unfortunately, Mammoths are extinct, and so I can’t exactly find a picture of one to correspond with the boss we’re tackling next in this MMX series. Of course, when you think of a mammoth, what’s the first thing you think of in terms of animals that are around today? Elephants, of course! Here’s a picture of a baby elephant and its mother enjoying a yummy pumpkin meal together. Look how small the baby is compared to its mommy!

Elephant and Mommy Eating Pumpkins Together

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Nov 262011

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Here is a baby elephant extending his tiny trunk. Look at that trunk…it’s so cute! Doesn’t the elephant also have adorably wrinkly skin and goofy hair?

Baby Elephant Extending Trunk

I can play trumpet professionally with my trunk!

Now, as a bonus for you guys, I’m also posting another super cute elephant picture. This time you get a nice view of their adorable behinds. Seriously, look how tiny the baby elephant’s butt is compared to its parent’s! Look at its tiny feet! This is too cute. I have only one word to say here and that’s “awwwwwww”.

Baby Elephant with Parent: Back View

Baby Elephant with Parent: Back View

Both photos found here: Izismile

Feb 222011

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Guess what? This a special post because my Mom is here and she’s helping me make one!

We decided to choose this picture of a baby elephant with its mother because the little guy looks so adorable and shy. Don’t you just want to give him a hug? We’ve always loved elephants because they’re so goofy looking. Speaking of elephants, did anyone else watch Babar growing up?

Baby Elephant Under Its Mom

What a little shy guy!