May 192011

Penguin and Blue Bear here.

You may be wondering why Blue Bear and I are posting a picture of a finch today. Maybe you’re not wondering, but we’re going to let you know anyway. This morning, Blue Bear and I were in my ktichen when I saw from the corner of my eye a red bird flying. I got very excited because I love spotting the cardinals that live somewhere near my house. Anyway, the bird landed on my balcony and, to my surprise, it wasn’t a cardinal at all, but instead a tiny little plump red bird with black wings. Blue Bear was the one who noticed that it was actually a finch. The finch did a whole bunch of nice and fancy displays for us. First he flapped his wings and then he showed us his backside. Then he lifted his tail. He was there for about 2 minutes (it isn’t that common to find a bird stay still for so long). Unfortunately we didn’t have a camera nearby, so we have to leave you with this rather impressive photograph of a red finch instead.

plump red finch on branch

What a plump and adorable birdy!

Found here: More Songbirds