Sep 222013

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Oh my goodness. Just look at how absolutely tiny this fennec fox pup is. Isn’t he such a sweetheart? Look at those tiny ears! The little guy in the picture was apparently a measely 2 days old at the time. Just look at how pink he is!

Baby Fennec Fox Pup Drinking Milk

Baby Fennec Fox Pup Drinking Milk

Found here: The Press Democrat

Apr 262013

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In case you don’t remember, fennec foxes have characteristically large ears as you can see here. According to National Geographic’s Fennec Fox article, these nocturnal foxes are native to North Africa and are actually the smallest foxes. Their large ears, meanwhile, are 15 cm (6 inches) long, and are useful for helping to dissipate heat.

I hope you enjoy this picture of these goofy newborns. They look so soft and cuddly. Wouldn’t you just love to hold one?

Newborn Baby Fennec Fox Kits

Newborn Baby Fennec Fox Kits

Found here:

Dec 272012

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Things have been very snowy, and very chilly around here lately. So, being surrounded by the wintery weather, we couldn’t help but think of some Arctic animals and figured we’d do an Arctic animal special here on ACAD.

Our first animal is the Arctic fox. To be precies: arctic fox pups! Aren’t these little foxes just the sweetest ever? I want to hug them so badly!

Arctic Fox Pups

Arctic Fox Pups

Found here: A Raposa Branca

Dec 012012

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I’m sure you guys think that fennec foxes are cute. I’m also sure you also think that watching animals stretch is cute too. With that in mind, I decided that a picture of a fennec fox stretching must be very cute. I see that I was definitely right about that! Enjoy!

Fennec Fox Stretching

Fennec Fox Stretching

Found here: Genius Beauty: Cute Fennec Fox Pictures

Oct 232012

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This fox pup is so cute; I’d be willing to say too cute, actually. Just look at that sweet face, those ears, that fuzz, and how he eats his food in a charmingly messy way. I want this fox so badly, how about you guys?

Adorable Fox Pup Eating

What's yummier: the adorable fox or the food he's eating?

Photo c/o Dottie Tison and found here: West Sound Wildlife Shelter

Jun 182012

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Aren’t fennec foxes just unbelievably adorable with their super large ears, soft fur and kissable faces? Oh my, fennec foxes are soooo cute. These three young ones in particular not only look adorable, but are behaving in a goofy way as well. What do you think they’re scoping out over the ledge?

Curious Fennec Fox Pups

Young Fennec Fox Pups from the Zoo Augsburg in Germany

Found here: Now Public

Apr 192012

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Really, the only thing I could think of to say when I first saw this picture was simply “awwww”. Currently, roughly five minutes later, the only thing I could still think to say about it is “awwww”. Quite literally, this fox pup is too cute for words. So I’ll leave you guys to indulge in the cuteness that sleeps before you with the following message: “Awww, what an absolute cutie!”

Sleeping Fox Pup

Sweet Dreams!

Found here: Animal-Space

Jun 062011

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I didn’t want to use yet another image from ZooBorns, but I think that this guy is just too cute to resist. This is a little baby Arctic fox that was born in the Netherlands’ Dierenrijk Europa Zoo in June 2009. Doesn’t he look so soft, sweet and innocent? I just want to give him a hug and pet him. What a tiny little guy.

By the way, if you’re wondering why an Arctic fox would be brown, it’s because their fur coat is white in the Arctic winter months, and brown in the summer for better camouflage.

baby Arctic fuzz cub

Don't you just want to pet his fuzz?

Found here: ZooBorns

Apr 042011

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Foxes are another one of those kinds of animals that are often portrayed in a poor light in fables. Sure, they are always clever (hence sly as a fox), but it seems that the foxes are never up to any good! In this case, I’m sure this little fennec fox would never try to play a trick on anyone. He looks like a very sweet and friendly guy. I love his super soft fur, his large fennec fox ears (though they are neatly folded back), and his explosion of black whiskers! So what do you think? Do you agree that maybe the fables might have been wrong about foxes after all?

baby fennec fox

What a sweet looking fox!

Found here: Laura Serra’s Blog

Dec 282010

It’s Penguin.

I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed by how cute this image is. The two foxes look absolutely adorable together. I love the orange-brown tones of their hair and how their legs and bellies are different colors. They also have cute large ears and noses. The one on the right looks like he could use a nap!

Baby Foxes Hanging Out

Little Foxes Sitting Together

Found here: Free Baby Wallpapers

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